Information Network on Post-harvest Operations - INPhO
Technical Guide for Eritrean Growers of Harvesting, Curing and Storing of Onions. A summary of procedures for growers to improve post harvest practices.
Training Document      2004      Andrea Bellincontro, Danilo Mejia      (English)      Download document
This fumigation guide has been written to tell, and show, users how to do fumigations with the fumigants phosphine and methyl bromide using gas proof sheets to treat: -bag-stacks of grain, and other commodities -loaded freight containers -other products or cargoes, such as timber and machinery, that can be enclosed [...]
Training Document      2004      J.E. van Someren Graver       (English)      Download document
Les pertes apres recolte depassent 30 pour cent dans beaucoup de pays en developpement. Elles sont, pour la plupart, dues a des infrastructures inexistantes ou inadaptees au maniement, au stockage et au traitement des denrees. Les technologies relatives a la transformation ainsi que le manque d'informations ou un savoir-faire inapproprie [...]
Series      2004      Alzamora, Guerrero, Nieto, Vidales      (French)      Download document
There are many interacting steps involved in any postharvest system. Produce is often handled by many different people, transported and stored repeatedly between harvest and consumption. While particular practices and the sequence of operations will vary for each crop, there is a general series of steps in postharvest handling systems [...]
Instructional Manual      2004      Lisa Kitinoja, Adel A. Kader      (English)      Download document
Caracterizacion y usos potenciales del banco de germoplasma de aji amazonico
Series      2004      Melgarejo, Hernandez, Barrera, Bardales      (Spanish)      Download document
The purpose of this manual is to guide small-scale processors in the Ugandan fruits and vegetables sector to optimize their processing methods and implement quality assurance schemes and GHP (Good Hygienic Practices) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) programmes thus building their technical capacity for improved market access and competitiveness. In [...]
Instructional Manual      2004      Peter Fellows      (English)      Download document
Manual de poscosecha
Instructional Manual      2004      Lisa Kitinoja, Adel A. Kader      (Spanish)      Download document
This manual is intended to serve as a guide to farmers and processors of fruits and vegetables in rural areas
Training Document      2003      Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas, Juan J. Fernández-Molina, Stella M. Alzamora, Maria S. Tapia, Aurelio López-Malo, Jorge Welti Chanes      (English)      Download document
General guide covering egg production and marketing
Training Document      2003      Edward S. Seidler,Martin Hilmi       (English)      Download document
Upgrading rural markets is one way to improve access to marketing opportunities. This guide is designed to assist community planners, rural engineers and agricultural extension units to formulate and implement relevant market development plans. The types of issues covered in this guide include designing markets that meet a community's social [...]
Series      2003      John Tracey-White      (English)      Download document