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This section provides access to documents covering the many post-harvest activities associated with agricultural commodities. 

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Post harvest losses exceed 30 % in many developing countries. A majority of these losses are due to the unavailability or inadequacy of infrastructure for efficient handling, storage and processing. High cost of processing technologies and lack of information or appropriate know-how in processing, also contribute to the levels of [...]
Series      2003      Alzamora, Guerrero, Nieto, Vidales      (English)      Download document
This guide describes, in fairly simple terms, the market research that agroprocessors can carry out, and some of the ways of doing such research. Market research can never guarantee success but it can certainly increase the likelihood that the new business will turn out to be profitable. It can identify [...]
Series      2003      A.W.Shepherd      (English)      Download document
Esta guia describe, en terminos bastante sencillos, el tipo de investigacion de mercados que los agroindustriales pueden llevar a cabo, y algunas de las formas de hacer tal investigacion. La investigacion de mercados nunca puede garantizar el exito de un proyecto, pero si puede aumentar la probabilidad de que un [...]
Series      2003      A.W.Shepherd      (Spanish)      Download document
A Manual illustrating simple practices which will enable small-scale handlers to reduce produce losses, protect food safety and help maintain quality of fruits, vegetables and ornamental crops .
Training Document      2002      Kitinoja, L. and A. Kader. 2002      (English)      Download document
CD Rom Video presentation on Food Safety
Training Document      2002      Anthony Hazzard      (English)     

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