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This section provides access to documents covering the many post-harvest activities associated with agricultural commodities. 

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A guide for handling for cabbage, carrot, hot pepper, lettuce, sweet potato and tomato.
Training Document      2004      AGS-FAO-Extension Division of Ministry Of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry and Fisheries Botanical Gardens, St. George’s GRENADA      (English)      Download document
The “Agricultural Marketing Improvement” Project TCP/GRN/2901 is being implemented by the Grenada Government and FAO with the objective of improving incomes for fruit, vegetable and root crop growers through a more efficient agricultural marketing system. The project would enhance the capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture to help farmers, extension [...]
Training Document      2004      Gaetano Paltrinieri      (English)      Download document
Practical examples related to the harvesting, post-harvest handling and marketing of fresh produce for the market including quality and safety aspects and produce storage
Training Document      2004      FAO- Andrés F. López Camelo, Ph.D, INTA E E A, Balcarce, Argentina      (English/French/Spanish)      Download document
Description of the technical activities related to the handling, packaging, ripening and storage of bananas.
Training Document      2004      Fablo Mencarelli, Danilo Mejia      (English)      Download document
Este manual de entrenamiento, completamente ilustrado, facilita pautas comprensivas y prácticas para la preservación de frutas hasta contenidos finales de humedad alta e intermedia. También proporciona recomendaciones útiles sobre las necesidades de materiales y equipos para aplicar las tecnologías de preservación. Se espera que este manual responda con un propósito [...]
Training Document      2004      Stella Maris Alzamora, Sandra Norma Guerrero, Andrea Bibiana Nieto, Susana Leontina Vidales      (Spanish)      Download document

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