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Cette section permet d’accéder aux documents qui traitent d’activités post-récolte associées aux produits agricoles. Deux moteurs de recherche, l’un avancé et l’autre simple, permettent de trouver facilement les informations que vous désirez.

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When we eat food that we have grown or bought we are unwittingly consuming many substances other than the basic nutrients which we assume make up the food item. The same applies to the feed we provide for our domesticated animals. Many foreign substances are added by man to improve quality [...]
Document de formation      2007      FAO - Peter Golob      (Anglais)      Download document
The grain produced by the farmer has a long journey to travel on its way to the consumer’s plate or the animal’s feed trough; it may be processed into value-added foods or feeds for consumption in urban or other areas that are remote from the site of production. There may be a long [...]
Collection      2007      FAO -Peter Golob      (Anglais)      Download document
The promotion of value addition in the agricultural sector through agroindustrialization is generally considered as one of the most efficient policies towards sustainable economic development. Indeed, investments in agro-processing are known to have significant multiplier effects, through its backward and forward linkages across productive chains. Other benefits from such investments [...]
Brochure      2007      FAO - AGS      ()      Download document
La producción agrícola en Nicaragua es variada y está distribuida en las diferentes regiones del país, encontrándose la zona del pacífico como una de las de mayor producción de frutas y hortalizas, tradicionales y no tradicionales. Estos productos no han sido aprovechados lo suficiente debido a diferentes factores, entre ellos, [...]
Brochure      2007      FAO-UNAN-LEÓN      (Espagnol)      Download document
A learning resource for small and micro entrepreneurs who bottle coconut water, as well as a training resource for extension workers and trainers. It documents good practice for the application of a “middle level” of technology for the cold preservation of coconut water.
Document de formation      2006      FAO - Rosa Rolle      ()      Download document