Nucis (Health & Tree Nuts) Foundation

Nucis (Health and Tree Nuts) Foundation is a non profit organisation born in 1999 which main objectives are the study, investigation and the diffusion of the nutritional and dietetic characteristics of tree nuts, especially of the healthy beneficial effects.

Nucis promotes the healthy qualities of almonds, Brazil walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamias, pecans, pine kernels, pistachios and walnuts.

Table of Contents

1. Summary of tree nuts and health articles and the most relevant abstracts

2. Nutritional Value

2.1. Almonds. Tree nuts and health
        Presentation "Tree nuts and health"
        Summary of articles by subjects and abstracts
        Medical recommendations
        Effect of tree nuts on health: key foods in the prevention of different diseases
        Effects of tree nuts on cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases
        Tree nuts composition and their nutritional value (Available in Spanish)
        Tree nuts in the Mediterranean diet context
        Nutritional value of tree nuts and their repercussion on the sportsmen diet (Available in Spanish)

2.2. Almonds
        Nutritional information of the almond
        Summary of almond articles and some abstracts

3. Main almond producers countries

4. Almond recipes (Available in Spanish)

5. Almonds photo gallery


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