International Day of Forests


  • Entrants should be between the ages of 15 and 25.
  • Participants must submit their own video entry via their personal YouTube accounts. 
  • No file transfers will be accepted. 
  • The length of the video should not exceed 1 minute.
  • Videos may be in any language. If in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian or Italian, no translations are required. If in any other language, please include a translation in the YouTube description or as subtitles.
  • The video must be the original work of the participant. Any material under copyright (footage, still photography, music, text, audio) should not be used without prior permission of the copyright holder. If other people are featured in your video, you must ask and receive their permission to be featured.


  • The video can be produced with any professional or non-professional device (smartphone, tablet, video camera).
  • The image quality must be in High Definition (HD) or in Standard Definition (SD). Both are common quality standards, usually provided in cameras and smartphones made after the year 2000.

Copyright, privacy and legal conditions

  • The video must not have been awarded in other contests before the decision of the panel, or commercially exploited, whether for news, advertising or otherwise.
  • In order to submit entries, participants must agree to the full rules and conditions of the contest.