International Day of Forests


Is there an entry fee?
No, entering the contest is free of charge.

I am under 18, can I enter the contest?
No, for legal reasons only people aged 18 and over can enter the contest.

Can I e-mail my submissions directly to FAO?
No, submissions must be uploaded to your personal YouTube account and to be eligible for the contest, you must also fill in the online form available here.  

What do I do if I don’t have a YouTube account?
If you have a Google account, you can already sign in to YouTube by clicking the button in the top right corner here: If not, you will need to create an account. Navigate to and in the top right corner, click Sign in and then click Create account. If you have not yet created a channel, you will need to do so to upload your video. Please follow the YouTube instructions for uploading a video here.   

What format should my video be in?
The image quality must be in High Definition (HD) or in Standard Definition (SD). Both are common image quality standards, which are usually provided in cameras and smartphones after the year 2000.

What languages can I use in my video?
You are welcome to use your native language. If you use English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian or Italian, no translation is needed. If you speak a different language, you are still very welcome to use it in the video, but please provide a translation into one of the languages listed above, either pasted in the YouTube video description or as subtitles on the video, if technically feasible.

Can I send a video longer than 1 minute?
No, entries must be no longer than 1 minute.

I am having problems submitting my online entry form
In case you are having problems submitting your online entry form you can contact us at [email protected]

When and how will winners be notified?
The winner will be notified by email after the contest has ended. The winner will be announced on this website and through FAO social media channels.

What are the legal conditions of entering the contest?
The legal conditions of the contest are available here.