International Mountain Day

IMD around the world

AECO Romania hosts mountain essay and poetry contest

The Romanian Outdoor Education and Culture Association (AECO Romania), in collaboration with the Alpine Convention, is organizing the first Reading Mountains Festival event to be held in the Carpathian Mountains. Between 1 November – 1 December, AECO Romania is hosting a contest for essays and poetry in Romanian language, with a focus on mountain themes. The winners will be announced publicly on 11 December and will be awarded prizes and diplomas offered by the event sponsors.

MiratecArts leads IMD from Portugal on 11 December

From the mountain island of Pico, Azores, Portugal, MiratecArts leads the annual celebration of International Mountain Day on 11 December. This year, MiratecArts will inaugurate an artistic installation at the local winery coop CVIP in Madalena, Portugal´s 2017 wine capital, followed by a saxophone concert at 2 351 metres. They will also launch the poster and programme of the January 2017 Montanha Pico Festival, which will feature art exhibitions, a film festival and tea-talk events on the mountain.

KIRDARC to host Mountain Conference in observance of IMD

The Karnali Integrated Rural Development and Research Centre (KIRDARC) is organizing a Mountain Conference in observance of International Mountain Day on 14-15 December, to be held in Jumla, a remote, mountainous district of Nepal. This conference will raise the community’s awareness of mountain issues and focus on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Community representatives and mountain experts will share their experiences on different themes related to mountain regions and indigenous mountain communities. (Photo: FAO/Sailendra Kharel)

University of Utah organizes screening of mountain film for IMD

The Asia Center and Marriott Library of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States will host a screening of "Daughter of Kalash" on Tuesday, 29 November in celebration of International Mountain Day. The Pakistani filmmaker, Mehak Asad, will introduce her film and answer questions after the screening. A reception will follow the presentation.

Hiking Mount Pindo in Spain on IMD

The Gallician Mountaineering Federation is organizing a hike on Mount Pindo to celebrate International Mountain Day and advocate for the protection of mountain areas and their inhabitants. The hike will begin at 11.00 on 11 December, departing from the town of Fieiro, Mazaricos. There will be a lunch at the summit, followed by visits to the Cave of Xoana and the Peñafiel Peak before returning to the town of Fieiro.

Students host Rotary Intl. for discussion about mountain cultures

Utah International Mountain Forum (UIMF), a coalition of student clubs at Utah Valley University (UVU), hosted the round table “Rotary International: Learning Cultures to Build Ties with Mountain Nations” on 16 November 2016. Scott Leckman, Ruth Riley and Dean Jackson, representatives of Rotary International, shared their experiences of supporting local mountain communities and how students could be part of Rotary International’s initiatives. This event was the second in a series undertaken by UIMF at UVU to commemorate IMD 2016.

University of Bucharest celebrating the cultures of the Carpathians on IMD

The Faculty of Geography at the University of Bucharest, Romania, will celebrate International Mountain Day on 9 December. In observance of the 2016 theme, the event will focus on the diversity of mountain cultures and communities in the Carpathians. The Carpathian Mountains expand over and extend into several countries, including the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine. This event will discuss the preservation of their different traditions and local mountain ecosystems.

PHASE Worldwide announces #MountainToClimb campaign

PHASE Worldwide is hosting the campaign #MountainToClimb in observance of International Mountain Day 2016. They are asking participants to share videos on social media with the hashtag #MountainToClimb about literal or metaphorical mountains they wish to climb in order to achieve a goal or overcome an obstacle that stands in their way. PHASE Worldwide supports isolated mountain communities in Nepal through sustainable health, education and livelihood opportunities.

FAO Iran to observe IMD

The FAO Representation in the Islamic Republic of Iran will celebrate International Mountain Day. Their activities will include the establishment of a United Nations Mountaineering Club in collaboration with the Alpine Club of Iran and the Mountain Environment Protection Society. With this event, FAO Iran aims to raise social awareness of the necessity for the protection of mountains in the framework of a nationwide media and social campaign. (UN Photo/Milton Grant)

Vanoise National Park to celebrate IMD

Vanoise National Park is organizing its second annual celebration of International Mountain Day on Sunday, 11 December. This event will take place at the Méribel Ski Resort in Les Allues, Savoie, France. In addition to activities linked to the Plan de Tuéda Nature Reserve, there will be a presentation about the Gébroulaz Glacier by a glaciologist and a presentation about mountain Lepidoptera by a specialized entomologist.