International Mountain Day

IMD around the world

Swiss organizations host dynamic IMD discussion

CIPRA Schweiz, Mountain Wilderness Schweiz, SAC, Alpeninitiative, Forum Landschaft Alpen Pärke and the Alpine Museum will jointly host a discussion on mountain exploration, mountain plants affected by global warming, mountain wolf populations and geographer Alexander von Humboldt.

Group hike for IMD in Palencia, Spain

In Palencia, Spain, mountain lovers will celebrate IMD with various group hikes and a mountain video completion.

Sobrarbe-Pyrenees Geopark hosts “magic mountains” IMD concert

The Sobrarbe-Pyrenees Geopark is hosting a two-day IMD celebration aimed at using images and music to appreciate the natural and cultural heritage of the Pyrenees-Mount Perdido, a UNESCO World Heritage site. There will be a photo-concert in which musicians will play with an image projection of Mount Perdido.

Youth mountain researchers host IMD contest

The Alpine Cryosphere Group at Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) is organizing a contest for International Mountain Day 2019. The Alpine Cryosphere Group focuses on mountain research, and is comprised of international undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and early career researchers. The IMD contest has two categories: a photo contest for nature and culture images, and a contest for graphical abstracts explaining mountain research. Results will be published on the APECS webpage and social media on 11 [...]

Romania celebrates IMD with two mountain conferences

International Mountain Day will be celebrated in Romania with two national conferences dedicated to mountains. The first conference, “The Mountain Area – Main supplier of quality products”, will be held 10 December 2019, from 9:30 to 17:30. It is organized by the Institute of Research-Development for Montanology Cristian-Sibiu, the National Mountain Area Agency, the Academy of Agricultural and Forest Sciences and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The following conference, “Mountains Matter for Youth”, will be held on 14 [...]

Algeria holds mountain festival for youth

The 8th National Mountain Festival was held from 19 to 21 December 2019 at the Gouraya National Park in Béjaïa, Algeria. The festival was organized by the Association Assirem Gouraya under the aegis of the Algerian Ski and Mountain Sport Federation and in collaboration with the youth and sports management of Bejaia and the Gouraya National Park. The objective of the festival is to develop eco-sports policy and enhance youth’s awareness of mountain sports, nature conservation and sustainable mountain tourism. [...]

Mountain walk in Catalonia celebrates IMD

The Les Guilles Junts Pels Camins organization is organizing a walk for International Mountain Day 2019, which is scheduled to take place on 15 December. The walk surrounds the area of Turó de Tagamanent, a mountain of Catalonia, Spain.

IMD symposium highlights Nigeria's mountains

The Mandara Community Development Network (MACDEN) will commemorate International Mountain Day 2019 with a symposium in Yola, Nigeria. The symposium will include presentations on the various mountain communities of northeast Nigeria, with the participation of youth and women’s groups. MACDEN's IMD event will kick off the organization's work plan for 2020, which includes extensive capacity building programmes for mountain communities in the region.

Oaxaca geopark celebrates IMD with race and market

The first geo-race at the Mixteca Alta UNESCO Global Geopark in Oaxaca, Mexico will be held on 7 December to celebrate International Mountain Day 2019. In addition to the race, there will be a market of regional cuisine and local products and crafts for sale. These IMD events are organized by the Comisariados de Bienes Comunales, the municipal authorities of Santiago Tillo and Santa Maria Tiltepec, and the Mixteca Alta Geopark.

FAO Turkey organizes IMD panel discussion

FAO Turkey is planning an International Mountain Day panel discussion in Ankara, Turkey for 11 December. The panel will focus on the question, "How do #MountainsMatter for Youth?" The panel brings together representatives from the public, private and academic sectors. Panelists include Gökmen Argun, UNDP GEF SGP National Coordinator; Ercan Selim Kolbakır, Professional Mountain Guide and Co-founder of MONTIS Trips and Expeditions; Ece Saraoğlu, ODTU DKSK High Altitude Team Member and Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Expert; and Prof. Dr. [...]