Día Internacional de las Montañas

El IMD alrededor del mundo

Youth in India learn about mountains on IMD 2019

Youth from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Puducherry and Uttar Pradesh took part in an educational IMD 2019 activity organized by the ENVIS Centre on Forest Genetic Resources and Tree Improvement at the Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, Coimbatore. They were given information about the importance of mountain regions, including their biodiversity, and explored the Western Ghats region in collaboration with the Tamil Nadu Forest Department. The youth interacted with local indigenous populations to learn more about conserving mountain forests. News [...]

Official Costa Rica International Mountain Day celebration

In Costa Rica, the official ceremony to celebrate International Mountain Day 2019 took place on 12 November 2019 in Lagunilla de Heredia. This event was held in the framework of the “Ideario Costa Rica Bicentenario: Diálogo Nacional”, linked to the theme, “Mountains Matter for Youth”. Many presentations were given on various mountain-related topics, including a presentation on the annual Chirripó cross-country race and how it promotes conservation and social development of local communities. The event was coordinated by the Sistema Nacional [...]

Month-long festival commemorates IMD 2019 in Portugal

MiratecArts commemorated International Mountain Day on 11 December with the unveiling of the 2020 Montanha Pico Festival program. The sixth edition of the festival runs 3 to 31 January 2020, including artists from many countries joining locals in Portugal. The mountain culture-themed art and adventure festival includes many art and culture exhibitions, movie Tuesdays, Saturday morning cave visits, Sunday tea talks at the Mountain House and more.

Second annual IMD celebration held in German Alps

Nearly 200 people gathered in the German Alps to celebrate International Mountain Day 2019. The Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus (UFS) in Germany, together with the Landratsamt Garmisch-Partenkirchen, organized the celebration near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The event combined politics, science and culture to foster awareness of mountain-related topics among a wide audience. Stefan Dech from the German Space Agency presented about the “mountains seen from space“, followed by a panel discussion between a scientist, an environmental medicine doctor, and tourism advocates. The celebration concluded [...]

Makerere University students embrace IMD locally and globally

Makerere University in Uganda celebrated International Mountain Day 2019! The Mountain Resource Centre of the university organized an excursion to the Kween district, one of the remote districts in Mount Elgon, Uganda. The hikers engaged with local youth to understand their successes and challenges in their various initiatives, including tree nurseries, river bank tree planting and agriculture. The university also held a round-table discussion on youth initiatives both in rural mountain areas and at the national level. The students participated [...]

Turkish groups come together for IMD 2019

The Association for Sustainability and Governance of Mountainous Areas and Dokuz Eylül University came together to celebrate International Mountain Day 2019 in İzmir, Turkey.  The two groups jointly organized a discussion between the public and university students about the effective governance model of mountainous areas awareness.

Celebrating IMD 2019 with mountain art in India

The Nilgiri Documentation Centre in India held an International Mountain Day painting class in which indigenous artist Gokul Gowder taught youth how to paint mountain landscapes.

Acting Executive Secretary of the Convention of Biological Diversity makes statement about IMD 2019

The Acting Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Ms Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, provided a statement on the occasion of International Mountain Day 2019. She writes, "On this International Mountain Day, and in honour of its theme 'Mountains matter for youth,' let us work to empower youth to protect these essential mountain ecosystems. Let us travel together on the road of transition to a future of life in harmony with nature."

University in Turkey organizes high-level IMD workshop

Dokuz Eylul University will celebrate their sixth annual International Mountain Day event on 11 December in Izmir, Turkey. The university is organizing a high-level workshop, titled "Sustainable Governance of Mountainous Areas and Society 5.0", which involves the public, the private sector, civil society and the Izmir Governorship.

Albania involves youth in rural mountain development

Albanian Alps Alliance chairperson Petrit Imeraj will give an interview on local media about the importance of mountains on International Mountain Day 2019. The interview is part of the launch of the latest initiative of the Albanian Network for Rural Development: the "Rural Youth Hub", which involves rural youth, entrepreneurs and farmers who are motivated to participate in rural development. The selected participates will partake in a three-day workshop, from 12 to 14 December, to explore the topic of Albania’s [...]