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IMD dans le monde

International Mountain Day 2017 celebrated in Uttar Pradesh, India

The Centre for Environment Education (CEE Himalaya) celebrated International Mountain Day in Ghaghara Ghat, Uttar Pradesh, India on 27 December 2017. Activities focused on disaster risk reduction and environmental protection as well as improving the livelihoods of the people affected by the Ghaghara River floods. The importance of mountains and the interactions between highlands and lowlands were discussed on the occasion. Participants included teachers and students from local schools, community members and representatives of local institutions.

A carnival for the mountains on IMD

More than 5000 people celebrated International Mountain Day (IMD) at the “Carnival for the Mountains” organized by OIKOS together with the District Municipality of Barranco, Lima, Peru in Barranco Central Park on 9 December. Public institutions and private sector organizations offered workshops, lectures, video screenings, photo exhibitions and children’s activities aimed at raising awareness of the history and biodiversity of the Andes and the mountains’ contribution to local identities.

Celebrating mountain products on IMD

The autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta, Italy, celebrated International Mounatin Day in October, in connection with the event Lo pan ner – I pani delle Alpi (Rye bread – the breads of the Alps). Conferences, workshops and community baking activites were organized, all connected to the making rye bread. The event highlighted the rich diversity of mountain cultures and identities and provided an opportunity to pass on popular traditions while promoting the sustainable use of mountain environments.

Argentina’s national mountain committee celebrates IMD in the Andes

On 14 December, the National Committee for the Sustainable Development of Mountain Regions of Argentina visited the mountain shelters of Pino Hachado, a mountain pass through the Andes, in observance of International Mountain Day (IMD). During the visit, the Committee presented a report highlighting the importance of the Mountain Partnership and IMD. Furthermore, the national anthem of Argentina was played by the band “Comando X de Cobunco” and the 200-year anniversary of the “Crossing of the Andes” was commemorated.

Celebrating IMD and World Soil Day in Madagascar

The Government of Madagascar celebrated International Mountain Day and World Soil Day together on 5 December 2017. The celebration was held at the Nantsa Watershed in the Itasy Region. This location was chosen due to the alarming state of degradation of the watershed. Ecological activities were implemented there in collaboration with the local communities and authorities, including the reforestation of acacia and eucalyptus, the establishment of an anti-erosion vein chain, and the planting of fruit trees.

Four days of IMD in Boconó, Venezuela

The Univerisdad de Los Ande, Centro de Ecología Boconó and BRISA – Red Ambientalista celebrated International Mountain Day with four days of events in Boconó, Venezuela. Activities comprised interviews with local media, lectures on mountains, a photo and video exhibition, and a market with live music. Several organizations and institutions joined the celebrations during a forum discussing the importance of mountains for a sustainable development. The event concluded on 16 December with cultural activities and sports events.

A mountain clean-up in Morocco for IMD

In Morocco, the Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay team organized a clean-up on the mountain of Cabo-Negro in celebration of International Mountain Day. As sustainable development and environmental protection are values of the Banyan Tree Group, the event was an important opportunity to bring the Banyan Tree Hotel's associates closer to nature. The activity raised awareness of the importance of mountains for global water supply, as mountains provide 60-80 percent of the world's freshwater resources for domestic, agricultural and industrial consumption. [...]

Himalayan Forest Research Institute focuses on climate change, hunger and migration on IMD

The Himalayan Forest Research Institute celebrated International Mountain Day in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India on 11 December 2017. Under the theme “Mountains under pressure: climate, hunger, migration”, participants discussed the how climate change is effecting mountain areas in India. Participants included scientists, officers, researchers and staff members of the institute. Keynote speaker Tej Pratap from Goyal University called on the institute to focus their research on forestry systems that will improve the livelihoods of mountain peoples vis-à-vis mitigating climate change. [...]

13th Inkafest Mountain Film Festival celebrates

Each year, the Inkafest Mountain Film Festival organizes events related to mountains, mountain activities, culture, sports and environments in Peru. The 13th Inkafest was held this year in celebration of International Mountain Day 2017 and included film screenings, discussions and audiovisual contests, bringing people of all ages closer to the mountains to develop a relationship between them so that they will begin to take care of them.

Adventurers climb seven summits in Africa in seven weeks

In November-December 2017, a team of adventurers climbed in seven weeks seven mountains in Africa, including Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya, Mount Stanley, Mount Speke, Mount Meru, Mount Karisimbi and Mount Nyiragongo. The purpose of their expedition, titled “7 Summits Africa Challenge”, was to highlight an adventure tourism product to bring new visitors to Africa. More visitors to the mountains, parks and reserves could lead to improved facilities and services as well as the protection and conservation of mountain ecosystems.