Journée internationale de la montagne

IMD dans le monde

FAO Turkey organizes IMD panel discussion

FAO Turkey is planning an International Mountain Day panel discussion in Ankara, Turkey for 11 December. The panel will focus on the question, "How do #MountainsMatter for Youth?" The panel brings together representatives from the public, private and academic sectors. Panelists include Gökmen Argun, UNDP GEF SGP National Coordinator; Ercan Selim Kolbakır, Professional Mountain Guide and Co-founder of MONTIS Trips and Expeditions; Ece Saraoğlu, ODTU DKSK High Altitude Team Member and Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Expert; and Prof. Dr. [...]

Argentina Ministry of Education spreads mountain knowledge

The Ministry of Education of Argentina has published an entry about International Mountain Day on their online Education Portal. The resource gives a global and local perspective on mountains generally and the Andes specifically. Follow this link to read the online entry.

REDAR Perú International Mountain Day event for children

Red de Agroindustria Rural del Perú (REDAR Perú) and Oberle Perú organized their first International Mountain Day event for children in Lima, Perú called the "Meeting of Boys and Girls from the Country and the City". 105 youth aged 8 to 16 celebrated on 7 December. The event aimed to instill in youth a love for farmers and teach them the importance of living in harmony with nature. The youth participated in the traditional Pachamama ritual, in which offerings are [...]

Italian mountain communities host forum for IMD

The National Union of Mountain Towns and Communities (UNCEM) is planning a forum in Rome to commemorate International Mountain Day 2019. The discussion will focus on topics concerning mountains and lowlands, natural resources, development and cohesion, and local authorities.

Malawi celebrates IMD with hiking, engaging youth

The government of Malawi is planning a comprehensive celebration of International Mountain Day 2019 for 11 December. The Mulanje District will celebrate the day with the hiking of Mount Mulanje, art performances and competitions, presentations by youth groups, a press briefing, and a roundtable discussion. The day will be important for raising awareness of the value of Malawi’s mountains to local communities and the national economy, and the threats that mountains currently face.

Portugal geopark offers mountain crash course

To commemorate International Mountain Day 2019, the Associação Geopark Estrela is offering a 16 hour crash course called, "The Mountains on a Changing Planet Course", from 7 to 8 December. The course will take place at Manteigas Village in Estrela Geopark, Portugal. The course targets both instructors and students interested in all topics concerning mountains, from their social importance to climate change’s effects on mountainous areas. The course uses the Serra da Estrela, the mountain range that includes mainland Portugal's [...]

Russian Mountain Group holds IMD event on youth in mountains

The MAB-6 Mountain Group of the Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences, is holding their annual International Mountain Day celebration at the Moscow headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society. This year, the event features two speakers from Tajikistan and Dagestan, who will share their perspectives on how youth perceive development in their mountain communities. Attendees include scientists, politicians, students and members of the representative offices of Russia’s mountainous regions.

Himalayan Forest Research Institute celebrates IMD in India

The Himalayan Forest Research Institute (HFRI) will celebrate International Mountain Day 2019 on 11 December at its campus in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. A keynote address will be delivered on the 2019 theme, “Mountains matter for youth”, which will be followed by discussions among scientists, researchers, HFRI staff and students.

Puerto Rico's first International Mountain Day celebration

Two Puerto Rican organizations are teaming up to host Puerto Rico’s first ever “Dia de Las Montanas”. The Puerto Rico Outdoor Recreation Industry Association and Envision Puerto Rico L3C plan to hold a series of events spanning 8 to 15 December. The celebrations will begin with mountain tours and an official state proclamation, along with the opening of a Mountain Photo Exhibition. Throughout 10 and 11 December, there will be a Puerto Rican mountains film festival, and on International Mountain [...]

Pakistan holds IMD mountain festival

This International Mountain Day, the Development Communications Network (DEVCOM-Pakistan) is holding the 9th edition of the Pakistan Mountain Festival in Islamabad. The festival begins 1 December and concludes 11 December.