International Mountain Day

General video
Mount Elbrus, Caucasus, 5642. The highest Mountain in Europe.... It was amazing trip to Elbrus in March, 2017. We were skiing. Not a professional at all but just a tourists. We spent one week in the mountains, went skiing. Can [...]
This one minute video tells about stories from a small town in North Sumatera, Indonesia, that hitted by flash flood last March 2017. Local environmental activists and experts claimed the flash flood as a result of climate change and massive [...]
Karen, an ethnic group in highland, has settled the communities in the mountains of Thailand for generations and rice is their major food crop. Pest outbreak in long dry period and late rainfall decreases the rice yield gradually. Participatory action [...]
In early October young people from around the world gathered in Sogndal, Norway for the International Youth Peace Conference. This is a global message about why mountains are so important to our livelihoods and culture. The message is told by [...]
animals in mountain in the musuem
this movie is about dry springs in mountain
This video shows caspian ponies that belong to hyrcanian forest ecosystem in the northern side of alborz mountains(north of Iran). The local horse breeders of this area belief in value of horses for forests as horses spread the [...]
Uncontrolled operation of the mountains Dry mountains The hunger of animals and humans
About ten years ago A few government-supported capitalists،Illegally، built the Nahavand Cement Factory.(Iran) Although they could have been from elsewhere than Mount Green Choose a mineral،But they chose the beautiful Snow Mountain Garin for the mine.Then they began to demolish and [...]
it indicates on mountain as the veritable sources of our human and natural resources
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