Investment Centre

The Investment Centre supports developing and in transition countries to design, implement and evaluate investment programmes, including a large number of environmental and natural resources management projects. The Centre also facilitates policy dialogue, undertakes sector analyses and value chain studies and advises governments on policy and legislation. A team of around 130 agricultural investment specialists, with 20 officers based in FAO regional and country offices, carries out roughly 900 support missions per year. FAO strengthens national agricultural investment capacities, providing practical guidance and tools, institutional strengthening and learning support.

FAO's Investment Centre has helped design and implement over 2,260 investment operations across 170 countries, valued at more than USD 140 billion. The Investment Centre works mainly in three-way partnerships with member countries and international financing institutions such as the World Bank, the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the regional development banks. It also partners with other national and international organizations, lending institutions, the private sector and producer organizations.

Investment Centre
Director: Mr Mohamed Manssouri
Deputy Director: Mr John Preissing

Sub-Saharan Africa Service (CFIA)

The CFIA Service provides investment support to countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Contact: Ms Alberta Mascaretti

Asia and the Pacific Service (CFIB)

The CFIB Service provides investment support to countries in Asia and the Pacific.

Contact: Mr Takayuki Hagiwara

Europe, Central Asia, Near East, North Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean Service (CFIC)

The CFIC Service provides investment support to countries in Europe and Central Asia, North Africa and the Near East, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Contact: Ms Wafaa El Khoury

Investment Centre Mandate

  • Support countries to make more and better investment decisions concerning food security, nutrition, agriculture and rural development to improve rural livelihoods, raise incomes and safeguard the natural environment.
  • Respond to requests to design, implement, supervise and evaluate agricultural investment plans, programmes and projects.
  • Facilitate policy dialogue, undertake sector analyses and value chain studies and advise governments on policy and legislation.
  • Partner with international financing institutions, national and international organizations, the private sector and producer organizations to improve the investment process.
  • Strengthen national agricultural investment capacities.
  • Produce results that contribute to Sustainable Development Goals.