Climate Change and Adaptation in Agriculture for East Asia and the Pacific Region (EAP):  Issues & Options

FAO-World Bank (WB) Expert Group Meeting in FAO Headquarters
Rome, May 16-17, 2011



The FAO Investment Center Division and the WB East Asia Sustainable Development Department, through the cooperative FAO-WB program, jointly organized an Expert group meeting on climate change and agriculture in the region. A range of FAO experts from almost all departments of FAO with the WB staff from agriculture, natural resource management, water, and environment sectors based in Washington and Country Offices - Cambodia, China, the Philippines, Sydney, and Vietnam attended the meeting.


The meeting aimed at :

(a) better understanding the issues and options at the frontier of agricultural adaptation to climate change;

(b) identifying the impacts and adaptation strategies and practices; and

(c) exploring ways to mainstream climate change in development programs.


The event brought together a core group of technical experts and researchers with development practitioners from EAP region and presented a distinct opportunity to share and learn practical examples, technological and research developments, and further understanding climate change adaptation practices in agriculture systems.

Photo Group, May 17 2011