Workshop on "strengthening capacities to increase finance for sustainable land management through climate change financing mechanisms in South East Asia"

In response to the request of governments as well as the institutions involved in the implementation of the sub-regional action plan of the UNCCD in South East Asia, the Global Mechanism (GM) in collaboration with the FAO Investment Center have coordinated this workshop iVientiane, Laos on 29 August- 1st September 2011, with the help of the Government of Laos and ClimateEkos, with the financing and technical support of the Europeen Commission (EC) and the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD).

The UNFCCC, the UNCCD and the GEF focal points of the the objective of the initiative is to strengthen national capacities ensuring sustained adequate investment flows in SLM for benefiting South East Asian populations living in degraded landscapes, through increasing co-financing from climate change related financing mechanisms. The target groups of the initiative were government officials, in particular national UNFCCC, UNCCD and GEF Focal Points, representatives of civil society organizations, the private sector and scientific communities. Four countries of the region were represented: Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.


Presentations made during the workshop

Presentation Size Institution By
workshop's context 152 Ko ClimatEkos L. Perroy
introduction Synergies_UNCCD-UNFCCC 139 Ko ClimatEkos L. Perroy
Investing in Forests to Fight Climate Change: Opportunities and Challenges 2.2 Ko FAO R. Matta
Overview of climate change financing mechanisms in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam 7 Ko FAO P.Gorin
Mitigation: voluntary and mandatory carbon markets 1.4 Ko ClimatEkos L. Perroy
Adaptation: financing sources 193 Ko ClimatEkos L. Perroy

The role of REDD+

10.8 Ko FAO P.Gorin
The Gold Standard in Sustainable Land Management 9.3 Ko Gold Standard E.M. Zanoria
Mitigation: Carbon projects 685 Ko ClimatEkos L. Perroy
Adaptation: projects' opportunity for the AFOLU sectors 421 Ko ClimatEkos L. Perroy