Different website/platform exist on Climate Finance and Climate Fund. We are providing you with two major ones:

Climate Finance Options is a joint website between United Nations for Development Programme (UNDP) and World Bank (WB). This Platform aims at providing comprehensive guidance on financial options available for climate action in developing countries. Here you can find information on where to access the wide range of funds available from multilateral and bilateral institution, as well as public and private sources. Learn more on how these funds are governed and whether your project is eligible.

Climate Funds Update is an independent website that provides information on the growing number of international funding initiatives designed to help developing countries address the challenges of climate change.

This site aims to detail:

(i) Where these climate change funds are being developed;
(ii) What the funds support;
(iii) The scale of the proposed funding;
(iv) How the funds are expected to be disbursed; and
(v) What had been achieved so far.