Second Forum on Climate Change in the Near East: Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security


A Forum held in Beirut, Lebanon

27-29 June 2011

The Second Forum on Climate Change in the Near East Region was dedicated to the theme “climate change, agriculture and food security” and had the objective of enhancing Member Countries’ capacities to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change and variability on agriculture and food security. The Forum was intended to take stock of the countries’ knowledge and gaps, to provide an opportunity for exchange of experiences and to identify specific needs for support and regional cooperation. The Forum was also intended to expose country delegates to the international financial mechanisms and the Global Environment Fund, as existing funding opportunities for support in addressing climate change issues. The event was expected to come up with practical recommendations for follow-up actions to address the identified gaps, including national and regional project profiles, as well as a declaration delineating commitment and a roadmap for implementation of these recommendations. 

Organized in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Environment and the International NGO ICU, the Forum was held in June 27-29 in Beirut, Lebanon. It was attended by country delegates, experts from within and outside the Near East Region, regional and international organizations and donors active in the area of climate change in the Region, as well as representatives of civil society and NGOs.

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