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State and Trends of the Carbon Market 2007

This report is dealing with issues such as:Market Stricture and Methodology, Allowance-Based Markets, Project-Based Markets, Outlook.

KEYWORDS: Carbon, Markets


SOURCE: The World Bank


Climate Change and the Challenge for Development

The document is dealing with: Issues, challenges and opportunities related to promoting low-carbon development. How to finance it, how to mainstream it in the development assistance and Asia-Africa cooperation, including technology transfer and carbon trading; Issues, challenges and opportunities related to climate adaptation. How to support climate risk management, how to finance it and how to mainstream it in development assistance; The role of the Governments, Financial Institutions, Donors and Private Sector; and Bridging the financial gap with existing and/or new financial instruments: the specific challenges for African countries.





State of the Science of Soil Carbon Sequestration Soil Carbon Sequestration

Objectives of this presentation are to: discuss advances in soil carbon sequestration research and technology and to identify major gaps in knowledge and technology development with regards to soil carbon sequestration.

KEYWORDS: Agriculture, Soil, Carbon


SOURCE: Joint Global Change Research Institute 2Kansas State University


Guidebook to Finance CDM projects

The Guidebook provides: an introduction to carbon finance and the Clean Development Mechanism, a general introduction to financing a conventional project (for the project proponent in particular), a general introduction to the conventional financial assessment process (for the project proponent in particular), detailed information on the ways in which a CDM project may be financed, consideration of the specific issues that must be considered in the financial assessment of a CDM project, and the risk assessment and management options applicable to CDM projects as well as information on potential sources of finance for CDM projects.

KEYWORDS: CDM, Guidebook


SOURCE: UNEP/CD4CDM, EcoSecurities


Incentives to Reduce GHG Emissions from Deforestation: Lessons Learned from Costa Rica and Mexico 

A number of options are being proposed for an instrument to reduce GHG emissions from deforestation (RED) in developing countries, including both market and non-market based approaches. This paper focuses on the use of a market-based approach to RED, based on lessons learned and good practices from payments for Environmental Services Programmes in Costa Rica and Mexico as well as other experiences from the climate change framework.

KEYWORDS: GHG, deforestation




Making the Most of Scarcity: Accountability for Better Water Management Results in the Middle East and North Africa

This report is the fifth in a series of Flagship Development Reports that highlight key challenges facing the Middle East and North Africa Region. This volume aims to show how water is integrated into the wider economic policies of the countries of the region. For that reason, it brings water issues to non-water specialists, addressing a multi-sectoral audience. The report will outline actions that can further a broad reform agenda within the current political and economic climate.

KEYWORDS: arabic countries, water, climate change




Climate risk management in Africa: Learning from practice

This report in the Climate and Society series is a key resource for climate-informed planning and practice in Africa – as it critically examines five experiences of ongoing climate risk management in the disaster risk reduction, health, agriculture, and food security sectors. The report provides a valuable opportunity to reflect on the positive lessons that can drawn from these experiences, as well as on the key knowledge, information, and capacity gaps we face in managing climate risk in Africa today.

KEYWORDS: Africa, risk management, agriculture, food security




Methodology for Forecasting Generation and CO2 Avoidance Impacts

Methodologies are described through following projects examples: Grid Connected Wind Projects, Alaska Micro-Grid Wind Projects, Grid Connected Farm Methane Projects.

KEYWORDS: Carbon, Methodologies




GHG Market_2007

This report describes: Overall Market Developments, General Market Issues, Current Market Activity, European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, Other Regional Markets, Flexible Mechanisms, Voluntary Carbon Market, Sinks.

KEYWORDS: Carbon, Market, GHG


SOURCE: International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)


Web sites agricultural soils to mitigate greenhouse gases

Relevant web sites for those who are investigating GHG mitigation through agricultural soils.

KEYWORDS: Agriculture, GHG



Credits: Luc Dubreuil - Massimo Lupascu