Investment Policy Support

Creating a policy framework for agricultural investment

Our aim is to create a policy framework for encouraging investment that improves agricultural productivity. In this section we outline some basic principles and concepts that underpin this work.

Understanding investment: basic concepts

Key ideas and concepts, including how to define and think about investment, and the importance of domestic savings, fixed capital and property rights in maintaining productivity and stability. Read on...

Domestic investment: key factors

Basic information about the dynamics of investment at the domestic level: why capital formation at the farm level is so important, and how public investment can completement it. Read on...

Foreign investment: key observations

Key points about the role of foreign investment for the stimulation of agricultural production: its historical importance, why foreign investors tend to be cautious and restrict their activities, and how it can help at the local level. Read on...

Download the Policy Framework document

You can also download the full framework document (in PDF format).