Invested with global experience

With roughly 80 professionals, the Investment Centre – part of FAO’s Technical Cooperation Department – is one of the largest groups of international specialists dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of investment in food security, agriculture and rural development.  It is also a link to FAO’s technical departments.  Responding to the needs of the requesting government and financing institution, we structure multi-disciplinary teams that combine FAO’s vast technical knowledge with a broad range of field experience.  We have nearly 50 years of experience in successfully developing agricultural programmes and projects for financial approval.

Our staff includes experts in:  agricultural development; agricultural economics and economics; communications; crop and livestock development; environmental management; forestry; irrigation and drainage; land and water development; land tenure; marketing,  agribusiness and value chain development; monitoring and evaluation; natural resources; public expenditure reviews; rural sociology; as well as sector-wide (SWAps) and programme approaches.  Depending on the skills required and staff availability, the Investment Centre may also call upon a pool of experienced international and national consultants.

Working alongside national and local counterparts, we aim to strengthen their investment capacity while providing the highest professional quality and results-directed approach to each task.

Because the needs of countries within a region are often similar, staff generally work within the geographic region of the Service to which they are assigned.  With an average of more than 100 days on the road per year, the Investment Centre's staff spends more time in the field than any other headquarters division.

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