Second FAO/World Bank Expert meeting on “Investing in agriculture and natural resources management in the context of climate change in East Asia and the Pacific”, 14-16 May 2012

From 14 to 16 May 2012, the second FAO/World Bank Expert meeting on “Investing in agriculture and natural resources management in the context of climate change in East Asia and the Pacific” took place in Bangkok. The meeting, which was a follow up to the first one held in Rome in May 2011 was organized by the FAO Investment Centre with FAO Natural Resources Department and the World Bank East Asia and Pacific Region Sustainable Development Department. More than 50 people attended the three day event, with a mixture of plenary discussions and working groups, which fostered productive conversations about climate change and investment operations. The specific objectives of the workshop were to (i) create an environment of information and knowledge sharing to improve investments in agriculture and natural resource management in the context of climate change; (ii) to identify priority areas to promote climate change adaptation and mitigation in these investments; and (iii) to discuss options to mainstream climate change considerations in these investments. Please find below all the meeting documents.   

Update on development challenges and Climate Change adaptation in East Asian and the Pacific  (EAP)



Investing in Agriculture and Natural Resources Management in the context of Climate Change in East Asia and the Pacific Region





Session I

Overview of the agricultural challenges and the implications of climate change and a snap shot of the World Bank’s current agricultural portfolio


Magda Lovei, World Bank




FAO priorities in Asia and the Pacific region, future prospects and emerging issues

Hiroyuki Konuma, ADG, FAO RAP




Overview of the expert meeting: objectives, structure and methodology

Klaus Urban, FAO

Beau Damen, FAO

Patrick Labaste, World Bank


Keynote Presentation and Q&A


Prof. David Lobell, Stanford University,

Center for Food Security and the Environment



Session II

Mekong agriculture adaptation and resilience to climate change

Jeremy Crew-Reid, ICEM


Managing Climate shocks through investments in early warning system

Subbiah Arjunapermal, RIMES


State of the world’s land and water resources for food and agriculture. Implications for Southeast/East Asia

Thierry Facon, FAO



Institutions, policies and delivery mechanisms

Session IV

Agriculture and climate change – overview: we need climate-smart agriculture!

Peter Holmgren, FAO, by video



Mainstreaming community-based adaptation (CBA)

Stephan Baas, FAO


Policies, institutions and climate change: how policy-based lending and policy dialogue can support climate change response

Thu Thi Le Nguyen and Christophe Crepin, World Bank



Incorporating climate change considerations into agricultural investment projects and programme

Jeffrey Griffin, FAO




Session V

ADAPT Asia-Pacific: Facilitating access to climate change adaptation funds for Asia-Pacific

Ornsaran Manuamorn, USAID/ADAPT Asia-Pacific



Farmer Field Schools as a vehicle to help vulnerable smallholder farmers develop climate resilient farming systems: experiences based on FAO’s work in South and South and Southeast Asia

Jan Ketelaar, FAO



Location-specific nutrient and crop management in rice farming: mobile phone- and web-based decision support tools are bringing results of research to farmers

Roland Buresh, IRRI




Session VI

Resilience for adaptation to climate change

Alexander Meybeck, FAO, by video


Applying the agro-ecosystem perspective

Jeffrey Griffin, FAO


Mapping the World Bank investments in the East Asia-Pacific region by major eco-system

Patrick Labaste and Salim Rouhana, World Bank