Investment Days - Staff invest time in sharing their work

  A two-day event has been organized by FAO’s investment centre, which promotes targeted investment in agriculture and rural development. on 13& 14 December 2010. Over 100 staff from across FAO divisions met to discuss their work, share ideas and look at increased future collaboration. Parallel sessions have been organized with colleagues in agriculture and consumer protection, economic and social development, forestry, and fisheries and aquaculture. A plenary session was dedicated to the global food crisis. Speakers included:

  • Steve Wiggins, Overseas Development Institute, Lessons from the 2007/08 food price spike. What have we learned? What should we have learned?
  • Robert Thompson, Food Security and the Futures of Farms
  • Johan Swinnen,Katholieke Universiteit Leuven,  A new paradigm for international food policy after the food crisis?

To see a video with staff talking about last year’s event, click here.