FAO and World Bank develop new tools for following World-Bank supported agricultural and rural development (ARD) projects in South Asia

A joint FAO and World Bank research effort has been developed to follow the progress of World Bank-supported agriculture and rural development (ARD) projects in South Asia. Jim Hancock, Natural Resources and Livelihoods Officer in FAO’s Investment Centre, elaborates on this effort that monitors large-scale programmes in three areas: rural livelihoods programmes in India; agricultural water management (AWM) programmes in India; and monitoring, evaluation and learning (ME&L), including Management Information Systems (MIS) design and implementation, in ARD projects in South Asia. The World Bank has supported the Government of India for over ten years in livelihoods and water management projects, which cover large areas and are managed by States, so it is important to step back and assess findings and results across the projects; and in particular to understand their longer-term impacts and sustainability.

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