Interviews with Investment Centre Staff

Interviews with Investment Centre Staff

13 Jul 2015

Improving lives and improving the environment

Q&A with Jeff Griffin, Senior Coordinator of the FAO GEF Unit Fresh from attending the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Council meeting in Washington, D.C. with Mr Gustavo Merino, Director, Investment Centre, Jeff Griffin, Senior Coordinator of the FAO GEF Unit, spoke about how GEF is more aligned with FAO's strategic goals [...]

22 Dec 2014

Policy dialogue - Abdolreza Abbassian and Dmitry Prikhodko

In 2008, when Ukraine introduced grain export quotas, most private grain investors started to limit their investment activities in the country. In response, FAO and EBRD stepped in to encourage dialogue between government and private stakeholders to support the emergence of enabling agricultural policies. As a part of the FAO/EBRD [...]

22 Dec 2014

Nutrition - Charlotte Dufour and Benoist Veillerette

Since 2010, the Investment Centre (TCI) has been strengthening its partnership with the nutrition division (ESN) in order to improve the nutrition impact of FAO investment work. Experience has shown that it is not just enough to invest in agriculture and rural development to reduce malnutrition, but that these investments [...]

22 Dec 2014

Rural Finance – Frank Hollinger and Emilio Hernandez

Over the past five years, project design gradually moved to integrated value chain development and finance models, improved risk management approaches (such as insurance), collateral substitutes (such as warehouse receipts) and more efficient production systems (such as out-grower schemes). And financing agriculture, the main interest of the Organization, gradually replaces [...]

22 Dec 2014

Quality and origin-based labels – Emmanuel Hidier and Emilie VandeCandelaere

Farmers often find themselves facing a lack of knowledge, capacity or resources to create their own brands and, as a result, their products remain largely anonymous outside of local markets and fail to generate the value that they deserve. Under the FAO/EBRD cooperation, TCI is supporting the development of quality [...]

22 Dec 2014

Agricultural water management – Giovanni Muñoz and Robina Wahaj

TCI has been a user of the Land and Water Division products for decades in the areas of crop water requirements and irrigation guidelines. Current TCI’s goal in the area of agricultural water management is to help investment projects to better respond to the multiple challenges faced by the sector, [...]

12 Jan 2013

FAO Investment Centre supports learning and exchange workshop on Chaco Forest conservation

The workshop was attended by technical experts and regional authorities from six different provinces of Northern Argentina (Chaco, Formoso, Jujuy, Salta, Santiago del Estero and Tucumán), who have since started a collective construction of a Forestry Administration, Control and Verification System (SACVeFoR), which aims to reduce illegal logging and transport [...]

02 Jan 2013

Badia Ecosystem and Livelihoods Project (BELP) granted USD 3.3 million by Global Environment Facility (GEF)

On 31 July 2012, a Global Environment Facility (GEF) grant in the amount of USD 3.3 million was endorsed to fund the Badia Ecosystem and Livelihoods Project (BELP), a new GEF and World Bank partnership. Turi Fileccia, Senior Agronomist in the FAO Investment Centre, explains the background and goals of [...]

03 Dec 2012

FAO and the WB join forces to address debt issues, access to post-harvest financing and to provide training to cotton farmers in Tajikistan

Cotton is the main cash crop in Tajikistan but sector development has been constrained by unresolved debt issues and dominance of private sector investors who purchase at unfavourably low prices. The World Bank and FAO, in a joint project, facilitated debt resolution, access to post-harvest financing, and provided training to [...]

01 Dec 2012

Government of Mozambique unites with EU and international organizations, including FAO to fight extreme poverty and hunger in Mozambique

While reports show that poverty levels in Mozambique have diminished from 69.5% in 1997 to 54.7% in 2009, poverty and chronic malnutrition levels remain very high and there is still a great deal of work to be done. In its effort to contribute to reaching of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) [...]

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