Interviews with Investment Centre Staff

Interviews with Investment Centre Staff

05 Nov 2012

FAO and World Bank develop new tools for following World-Bank supported agricultural and rural development (ARD) projects in South Asia

A joint FAO and World Bank research effort has been developed to follow the progress of World Bank-supported agriculture and rural development (ARD) projects in South Asia. Jim Hancock, Natural Resources and Livelihoods Officer in FAO’s Investment Centre, elaborates on this effort that monitors large-scale programmes in three areas: rural [...]

27 Sep 2012

Interview on the benefits of Grain Warehouse Receipts systems

Emmanuel Hidier, Senior Economist in the Investment Centre, discusses in this video interview innovative financing mechanisms and potential benefits for farmers. FAO and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) have been working together on the implementation of Grain Warehouse Receipts (GWR) systems in transition countries including Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine [...]

30 May 2012

Social analysis for more effective agriculture and rural development investments

Ida Christensen, Rural Sociologist, introduces us to a new FAO Investment Centre publication  designed to boost the effectiveness of agricultural investments, by emphasizing the importance of  project design that captures the full social picture when striving for social inclusiveness and gender equity.This analysis comprises three guides, one for managers, one [...]

07 Dec 2011

Improving the lives of rural people through RESCAD project, Armenia

The Rural Enterprise and Small-Scale Commercial Agricultural Development (RESCAD) project in Armenia was financed by the World Bankto support Armenia’s small and medium-size rural businesses by helping farmers and rural business owners access markets and by promoting private and public sector investment in rural areas. It was selected to receive [...]

24 Oct 2011

Kick starting agriculture in post-crisis Togo

Oury Diallo, Senior Agricultural Institution Officer,.explains how the FAO Investment Centre is supporting the Government of Togo’s efforts to revitalize its agricultural sector, which was hit hard by years of unrest. Working closely with national and international partners, including the World Bank and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), [...]

20 Jun 2011

Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP)

Garry Smith, Principal Adviser, explains how during the 2009 G8 Summit in L’Aquila, world leaders stepped up their fight against hunger and poverty by committing USD 22 billion over three years for sustainable agriculture development and food security. One by-product of that G8 Summit was the Global Agriculture and Food [...]

20 Apr 2011

RuralInvest - a multilingual toolkit

RuralInvest was created 15 years ago to assist countries in designing successful projects for rural development. Aidan Gulliver, Senior Economist, illustrates how FAO’s Investment Centre has developed a multilingual toolkit with training courses, manuals and custom developed software  primarily targeted for field staff from ministries of agriculture, NGOs, local banks [...]

05 Apr 2011

FAO Investment Centre brings innovation to local communities

In January 2008, an Agricultural Investment and Services Project (AISP) was approved for Kyrgyzstan by the World Bank. FAO's Investment Centre supported the project development and technical implementation, with the aim of improving infrastructure for the country's farmers and herders. Small-scale Kyrgyz farmers can now increase yields by up to [...]

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