Public-private policy dialogue takes centre stage in new EBRD/FAO video

The role of private sector investment in food security is being increasingly emphasized worldwide. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which has been cooperating with FAO since 1994, launched the Private Sector for Food Security Initiative in 2011 to encourage the private sector to unlock the important food production potential of its region of operation, through technical assistance, policy dialogue and direct financing. The FAO Investment Centre has supported the Initiative through technical assistance, facilitation of public-private policy platforms, value chain analysis to guide investment decisions, and the management of the EastAgri and MedAgri networks.

A new video presents recent achievements of the Private Sector for Food Security Initiative, with an emphasis on FAO’s work on the creation and facilitation of public-private policy platforms that bring together all the players of selected food chains. The video draws upon the example of joint FAO/EBRD work in Ukraine’s grain sector policies, which used to be characterized by disruptive export restrictions and a general lack of transparency whereas Ukraine is one the world’s largest exporter with a still important untapped production potential. Since 2009, FAO and EBRD have worked together to create an open dialogue between public and private stakeholders, which resulted in a more stable investment environment. Since then, the amount of additional investment that flew into the grain sector has been estimated close to USD 1 billion, including approximately USD 400 million from the EBRD.