The Grain Chain – Managing Wheat imports in Arab countries

A new article focusing on a new publication entitled: “The Grain Chain – Managing Wheat imports in Arab countries”, jointly produced by the World Bank and FAO’s Investment Centre, has been published in a quarterly journal on public-private partnerships produced by the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC). The article addresses the issue that Arab countries depend heavily on imported food, particularly wheat, leaving them exposed to international market volatility. “The Grain Chain” study identifies three critical steps toward rectifying the problem namely: (i) Increase reserves according to clear decision rules to ensure availability of supply and mitigate price volatility; (ii) Improve logistics for significant cost savings and (iii) Promote strategic partnerships and hedging instruments to reduce the risk of supply disruptions and price volatility.

For the full article, please see: The grain chain
For the journal, please see: HANDSHAKE issue 5