Highlights on four livestock sub-sectors in Kazakhstan

A set of booklets covering “Highlights on four livestock sub-sectors in Kazakhstan” has been prepared by the FAO Investment Centre Division in collaboration with the Analytical Centre of Economic Policy for the Agricultural Sector (ACEPAS), a company belonging to Kaz-agroinnovation of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) of Kazakhstan. The purpose of these reports is to help potential investors acquire basic knowledge about the technical features of selected sub-sectors in Kazakhstan as well their domestic and international market positions.

The highlights look at the respective supply chains – cattle and sheep meat, dairy,  poultry, and wool - covering the structure and dynamics of the production systems, the resource base, services, processing, consumption, and market position. They also provide broad indications for strategies and development options of these sectors. The studies were based on fieldwork throughout Kazakhstan, interviews with resource persons, and review of national and international documentation. Modeling and extrapolations from statistical agencies’ data were also performed.

The livestock sector is recognized as having great potential for diversifying Kazakhstan's economy and providing export opportunities. Accordingly, the Ministry is calling for a new strategic investment programme. FAO is continuing its support to MoA for the formulation of such a programme through a specific Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP) project, which began this year. The review of the four livestock sub-sectors will constitute the main background analytical material for preparation of the investment programme.

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