Report on the Russian Dairy Sector

The Russian dairy sector has shown a number of positive trends in recent years, from a rise in milk production and increased modernization to greater investments from both the public and private sectors. But it also continues to face challenges such as intense international trade competition, seasonal milk shortages and volatile prices for milk and dairy products just to name a few. The latest FAO/EBRD study on the dairy sector in the Russian Federation touches on both the challenges and opportunities.

The study, published in English and Russian, stems from a series of activities, including a national workshop and a study tour in Italy aimed at boosting sales of traditional dairy products. Click on the links below to read the reports and see the related videos.

- Report in English

- Report in Russian

- Study tour to Italy on Geographical Indications, May 2010

- National workshop held in Moscow, July 2010

- Study tour video Eng

- Study tour video RUS