09 Apr 2013

Preserving the natural wealth of forests in Lebanon

The cedar forests of Mount Lebanon are extremely valuable to the country and their beauty has inspired poets dating back to Homer. The Forests of the threatened cedar and other rare oak species offer a variety of aromatic and medicinal plants, as well as food for local people, and also [...]

08 Apr 2013

FAO Investment Centre set to continue work on the Sindh Water Sector Improvement Project

Agriculture is a vital sector of Pakistan’s economy, accounting for around 21% of the country’s GDP and employing 45% of the countries labour force. As one of the world’s most arid countries, Pakistan relies heavily upon irrigation from the Indus irrigation system, the world’s largest contiguous irrigation system, to provide [...]

13 Mar 2013

New study on Oilseeds in Morocco presented at the 8th International Trading Summit on Grains and Oilseeds in Casablanca

FAO’s Investment Centre participated in the 8th International Trading Summit on Grains and Oilseeds in Casablanca, Morocco on 6 to 7 March 2013. The annual event brings together approximately 200 private and public sector stakeholders in the grain and oilseed trade industry to share and analyze information on the past [...]

05 Mar 2013

Ukraine’s new cadastre is a step toward improving land governance

On January 14, 2013 Ukraine began the implementation of a new Law on Cadastre, a new Law on Registration and the operation of an electronic cadastre system that is improving efficiency, transparency and access to information in the property sector. The Rural Land Titling and Cadastre Development Project, financed by [...]

11 Feb 2013

Appetite for pre-harvest financing legislation confirmed at Moscow roundtable, January 2013

A roundtable discussion dedicated to pre-harvest financing opportunities in the Russian Federation drew over 50 input traders, producers, agricultural banks and government representatives on 29 January 2013 in Moscow. The event, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and hosted by the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, was facilitated by FAO and the [...]

26 Jan 2013

FAO fuels debates at Global Forum for Food and Agriculture, Berlin, January 2013

To promote responsible investment in agriculture worldwide, FAO actively participated in the 2013 session of the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA). The Forum, which took place in Berlin from 17 to 19 January 2013, is one of the best attended platforms of discussion on food and agriculture. Participants [...]

21 Jan 2013

FAO and International Finance Corporation join forces

Accord aims to promote responsible private sector investment in agriculture 19 January 2013, Berlin/Rome -The Executive Vice President and CEO of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the FAO Director-General today signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly promote responsible private agribusiness investment and create economic opportunities for rural communities. The [...]

23 Nov 2012

New Ukrainian law on agrarian receipts developed with help from FAO and EBRD passed on 6 November 2012

A new law on agrarian receipts was adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament on 6 November 2012. Agrarian receipts are a financial instrument that helps farmers to obtain working capital from banks or input suppliers before harvest. The instrument introduced by the new Law on Agrarian Receipts will allow Ukrainian farmers [...]

21 Nov 2012

Stocktaking of M&E and Management Information Systems - Selected agricultural and rural development projects in South Asia

A joint FAO and World Bank research effort has been developed to follow the progress of World Bank-supported agriculture and rural development (ARD) projects in South Asia. This effort covers three closely related themes: rural livelihoods programmes in India; agricultural water management (AWM) programmes in India; and monitoring, evaluation and [...]

12 Nov 2012

Bhutan - Agricultural sector review

In collaboration with the World Bank, the Investment Centre has published an agricultural sector review of Bhutan in two volumes that provides an overview of Bhutan’s renewable natural resources (RNR) sector and identifies priority areas for future investments. The first volume provides a review of agricultural issues that contribute to gross national [...]


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