15 Feb 2012

Long-term irrigation investment support in Afghanistan is restoring rural irrigation schemes and enhancing agricultural productivity

 TCI has long been involved in providing technical support to the World Bank’s irrigation projects in Afghanistan. Beginning with the Emergency Irrigation Rehabilitation Project (2003-2011), the predecessor to the current Irrigation Restoration and Development Project (2011-2017), TCI has supported FAO implementation of project operations through technical review and supervision of [...]

31 Jan 2012

Planning climate change preparadness in East Asia and the Pacific

A newly released joint World Bank-FAO report summarizes the results of an Expert Group Meeting held in Rome in May 2011 on Climate change adaptation in agricultural investment in East Asia and the Pacific. In addition to existing development challenges that the region already faces in increasing agricultural productivity, its vulnerability to [...]

23 Jan 2012

Grain warehouse receipts in Serbia

The EBRD and FAO have been supporting grain warehouse systems in many transition countries, for example in Kazakhstan and Bulgaria. In Serbia, the establishment of the core legislation was initially supported by USAID and the United Nations Development Programme. Together with the EBRD, FAO implemented a project strengthening the institutions [...]

26 Dec 2011

2011 Investment Days

Investment Days are an occasion for staff to meet and exchange information on their day to day work with both FAO colleagues and external partner institutions. For more information, please see, Investment Days video

14 Dec 2011

New joint FAO/EBRD publication - Food security and the transition region

Population growth, accelerated urbanization and higher incomes are expected to lead to an increase in food demand by about 70 percent by 2050 – involving 1 billion extra tons of cereals and 200 million extra tons of meat. A new FAO/EBRD report, presented at the occasion of EBRD's donor meeting [...]

07 Dec 2011

Armenia - Rural Enterprise and Small-scale Commercial Agriculture Development (RESCAD) Project

 The RESCAD project was selected to receive an “Improving Lives of People in ECA Award” by the World Bank in 2010. Investment Centre staff played fundamental roles in designing and providing continuous support throughout the implementation of the project, which was one of 12 total and only four agricultural projects [...]

02 Dec 2011

Facing the Food Crises

Gilles Mettetal, EBRD Director for Agribusiness, speaks about the newly launched Private Sector For Food Security Initiative which will be implemented under the EBRD-United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization framework for food security "We simply don’t have enough food for the future of our world,” says Gilles Mettetal, EBRD Director [...]

21 Nov 2011

The Grain Chain: Managing Wheat Imports in Arab Countries

Given their reliance on cereal imports, especially wheat, Arab countries are particularly concerned about higher and more volatile international food commodity prices. With food prices soaring in early 2011 – the second time in just four years –  investments in improving the wheat import supply chain are crucial to saving [...]

24 Oct 2011

Kick starting agriculture in post-crisis Togo

FAO supports country with CAADP processes  The FAO Investment Centre is supporting the Government of Togo’s efforts to revitalize its agricultural sector, which was hit hard by years of unrest. Working closely with national and international partners, including the World Bank and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), FAO has [...]

04 Oct 2011

Investment Centre’s Director talks about financing the gap in food and agriculture

The impact of demographics on financial markets was the focus of the 2011 Robeco Summer University. There, Klaas Smits, Robeco’s Head of Food & Agri Strategies, met up with Charles Riemenschneider, Director of the Investment Centre of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), to discuss the roles that private [...]


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