11 Jul 2008

Planting Underway in Burkina Faso - FAO Initiative Focuses on Local Production to Offset High Prices

FAO is moving into the final stages of an intensive month-long distribution of millet, sorghum, maize, cowpea and peanut seeds to 33 000 farmers in the regions of Burkina Faso that have been hardest-hit by a devastating combination of soaring food prices and severe weather that has vastly reduced [...]

09 Jul 2008

Initiative on soaring food prices now covers 54 countries

"...The provision of seeds, fertilizers and other agricultural inputs to small farmers is intended to encourage donors, financial institutions and national governments to support the provision of inputs on a much larger scale, according to FAO experts who stress that their Initiative is intended to produce a salutary catalytic [...]

03 Jul 2008

About 50 million more hungry people in 2007

The number of hungry people increased by about 50 million in 2007 as a result of high food prices, FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf said today addressing a conference at the European Parliament in Brussels. “Poor countries are feeling the serious impact of soaring food and energy prices,” Dr Diouf [...]

26 Jun 2008

High food prices could reverse agricultural growth in transition countries

Soaring food prices could reverse the significant growth in agricultural production recorded by some of the poorest countries in Europe and Central Asia over the past 10 years, said FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf today at the opening of the 26th FAO Regional Conference for Europe.Moreover, government response to higher [...]

19 Jun 2008

Soaring food prices put further pressure on African agriculture

Food insecurity has been exacerbated in Africa by the current rapid rise in food prices together with challenges such as climate change, greater demand for food products in emerging economies, agricultural production used for biofuels, rapid population and urbanization as well as transboundary animal and plant diseases, said FAO [...]

13 Jun 2008

FAO starts seed distribution in Mauritania

Trucks loaded with more than 500 tonnes of seed left the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott today for six regional capitals, marking the beginning of FAO-supported emergency measures in the country forming part of the Organization’s Initiative on Soaring Food Prices. More information at :

06 Jun 2008

Food Summit calls for more investment in agriculture

The Summit on soaring food prices, convened by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), has concluded with the adoption by acclamation of a declaration calling on the international community to increase assistance for developing countries, in particular the least developed countries and those that are most negatively affected by [...]

05 Jun 2008

Renewed financial effort in fight on hunger

Delegates to the Rome Food Security Summit announced their increased commitment to the fight against hunger and for agricultural development. Even though the summit was not a pledging conference, a number of donors announced firm financial contributions. The money will benefit countries hard hit by the current world food crisis, [...]

04 Jun 2008

Boosting Food Production in Africa’s "Breadbasket Areas"

An unprecedented partnership among key players in agricultural development aims to significantly boost food production in Africa’s “breadbasket regions,” link local food production to food needs, and work across Africa’s major agricultural growing areas—or agro-ecological zones—to create opportunities for smallholder farmers. Today’s agreement marks a significant transformation in the [...]

29 May 2008

Agricultural commodity prices expected to remain high

“Coherent action is urgently needed by the international community to deal with the impact of higher prices on the hungry and poor,” Jacques Diouf, Director-General of the FAO said at a press confence launching the Outlook in Paris. “Today some 862 million people are suffering from hunger and malnourishment [...]


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