04 Jul 2016

La FAO renforce les capacités du Ministère de l’Agriculture en formulation de projets d’investissement agricoles ruraux

35 Cadres supérieurs du Ministère de l’Agriculture et de la FAO sont formés sur l’Approche « Rural Invest », la planification et l’évaluation économique et financière des projets d’investissements en milieu rural  Port-au-Prince, le 23 juin 2016 – Dans le cadre de son plan stratégique de développement d’Haïti, l’Etat haïtien fait du secteur agricole [...]

29 Jun 2016

Greening the agrifood sector

FAO and EBRD join forces to help growing economies optimize their response to climate change   The fourth international Bioenergy Week was held in Budapest, Hungary. The event, which ran from 21-24 June, focused on the provision of sustainable biomass, biogas and liquid biofuels to the countries of Eastern Europe and Central [...]

23 Jun 2016

Knowledge for investment

Earlier last week, FAO hosted the launch of the FAO-IFAD Knowledge for Investment series, showcasing the latest geospatial tools and participatory resilience measurement apps for assessing the impact of FAO and IFAD operations.   The event which was held on 13th June, the first this series, underscored the benefits of periodic knowledge [...]

21 Jun 2016

Viet Nam: Building capacity to monitor Greenhouse Gas impact on investments and policies in Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use

Ha Noi, Viet Nam. A four-day national training workshop on capacity development in carbon balance appraisal of projects and policies was held on 14-18 June by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Bank, with a wide range of Government and relevant stakeholder representatives. Participants of the training workshop [...]

16 Jun 2016

Land tenure rights for indigenous peoples in Central America

The recognition of land rights for indigenous people is crucial for the preservation of lives and livelihoods around the world. Today, an estimated 2.5 billion people depend on indigenous and community lands, however only approximately one fifth of this land is legally owned by indigenous people. As competition over the [...]

15 Jun 2016

Towards enhancing grain market transparency in Kazakhstan

FAO and the EBRD are working to increase the efficiency of wheat sector in the country  Two leading international organisations are planning to unveil an agricultural information system for Kazakhstan, adding to the transparency of an increasingly important sector in the country's economy. The Investment Centre of FAO in collaboration with the [...]

10 Jun 2016

Making agricultural investments nutrition-sensitive: lessons from growing FAO, World Bank and IFAD collaboration

The 2008 food crisis brought the issues of malnutrition and undernutrition to the world’s attention. Today, undernutrition remains unacceptably high and the human and social costs are also ethically unacceptable. In November 2014, FAO and the World Health Organization (WHO) member states adopted the Rome Declaration on Nutrition and its Framework [...]

06 Jun 2016

Bangladeshi group visits kenyan farmers’ organizations on exposure visit

When the flight from Dhaka touched down at Kenya’s main airport in Nairobi on 10 April 2016, the excitement among 13 of its Bangladeshi passengers – including senior staff from the country’s ministries of agriculture, fisheries, livestock, planning and finance – was palpable. They had come to the East African [...]

26 May 2016

African swine fever: FAO, EBRD and Japan act jointly in Ukraine to protect the rural economy

African Swine Fever (ASF) is a viral disease not harmful to human health, but with serious consequences for rural economies. “In the past few years, Ukraine had to face losses over USD 30 million due to an uncontrolled spread of ASF in the country, and these could increase significantly in the future”, warns [...]

25 May 2016

FAO and EBRD host public-private dialogue on Egypt’s grain sector

Private sector engagement key to ensure efficiency of grain supplies  A high-level conference in Cairo on Wednesday sought to strengthen the role of the private sector in Egypt’s crucial grain sector, with the aim of improving efficiency and reducing waste and damage. The conference was hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization [...]


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