06 Sep 2016

FAO launches the Smart Territories Platform, a knowledge-sharing tool for integrated investments

With the recent launch of the Smart Territories Platform (Plataforma de Territorios Inteligentes), FAO offers a flexible and comprehensive tool for multi-dimensional, cross-sectoral, and tailored-made actions for sustainable development of rural areas of Latin America & Caribbean.   Devised by the FAO Investment Centre.with support from the World Bank, this tool includes a [...]

31 Aug 2016

Knowledge For Investment Series No2: Understanding Impact Evaluation

On the 4th of July 2016, FAO’s Investment Centre (TCI) hosted a working session to discuss technical aspects and strategic choices regarding impact evaluation of public investments in food and nutrition security, agriculture and rural development.  The session was originated in the context of strengthening TCI internal capacities, aimed to [...]

02 Aug 2016

A Taste of your World

  Are you passionate about food? Is there a national or regional dish you wish you could share with people from other countries? Is the place where you reside famous for making food which cannot be found anywhere else in the world and which nobody else can make better? If so, [...]

19 Jul 2016

FAO and IFC publish new irrigation market briefs

In Africa, agribusiness has the potential to reduce poverty and drive economic growth more than any other sector. But unlocking that potential will require a significant increase in historically low levels of productivity − an area where irrigation can play an important role.  In a series of joint market briefs, the [...]

18 Jul 2016

Project Helps Farmers Adapt to Climate Change in China

About 380,000 rural households in six Chinese provinces are benefiting from a project that helps build sustainable and climate-smart agriculture.  The project is funded by the World Bank and the Government of China, with additional technical expertise from the Investment Centre of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the [...]

18 Jul 2016

Greening the agri-food sector (video)

FAO and the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) have developed a step-by-step methodology to help countries assess market penetration for an array of climate smart technologies. Together they are working to boost the transfer of these practices, ranging from solar water pumping systems to agricultural conservation practices. Watch [...]

07 Jul 2016

Responsible contract farming for more inclusive markets

FAO is working to make agrifood systems more inclusive and efficient, promoting responsible investment along the entire value chain. And one way to make markets more inclusive is through contract farming - agricultural production agreements between buyers and farmers that specify production outputs and/or marketing conditions. Such arrangements can increase [...]

04 Jul 2016

La FAO renforce les capacités du Ministère de l’Agriculture en formulation de projets d’investissement agricoles ruraux

35 Cadres supérieurs du Ministère de l’Agriculture et de la FAO sont formés sur l’Approche « Rural Invest », la planification et l’évaluation économique et financière des projets d’investissements en milieu rural  Port-au-Prince, le 23 juin 2016 – Dans le cadre de son plan stratégique de développement d’Haïti, l’Etat haïtien fait du secteur agricole [...]

29 Jun 2016

Greening the agrifood sector

FAO and EBRD join forces to help growing economies optimize their response to climate change   The fourth international Bioenergy Week was held in Budapest, Hungary. The event, which ran from 21-24 June, focused on the provision of sustainable biomass, biogas and liquid biofuels to the countries of Eastern Europe and Central [...]

23 Jun 2016

Knowledge for investment

Earlier last week, FAO hosted the launch of the FAO-IFAD Knowledge for Investment series, showcasing the latest geospatial tools and participatory resilience measurement apps for assessing the impact of FAO and IFAD operations.   The event which was held on 13th June, the first this series, underscored the benefits of periodic knowledge [...]


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