26 May 2008

Maps and atlases on agriculture in Myanmar

The Investment Centre is pleased to promote the below new FAO website. This digital agricultural atlas was produced by FAO’s Environment, Environmental Assessment and Management Unit in collaboration with the Centre. 26 May 2008, Bangkok – FAO has launched a new website offering a wide range of data and information [...]

29 Apr 2008

Diouf: world must seize chance to boost agriculture

FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf today called on the international community not only to take immediate action to de-fuse the current world food emergency but also to seize the opportunities offered by higher food prices and prevent similar dramatic situations occurring in the future. In a statement published on the FAO [...]

11 Apr 2008

Poorest countries’ cereal bill continues to soar, governments try to limit impact

"...FAO urges all donors and International Financing Institutions to increase their assistance or consider reprogramming part of their ongoing aid in countries negatively affected by high food prices. A tentative estimation of the additional funding required by the governments to implement country projects and programmes for dealing with soaring [...]

09 Apr 2008

Urgent measures required to reduce impact of high food prices on the poor

Dr Diouf said: “It is essential to increase agricultural investment in water control and infrastructure and to facilitate small farmer access to inputs, so they can raise their productivity.” He stressed the importance of effective marketing and processing systems for agricultural products. “Agro-industry helps preserve foodstuffs, add value and [...]

31 Mar 2008

Private sector stakeholder consultation convened on world food security, climate change and bioenergy

In view of severe consequences posed by climate change on the agricultural, rural and land use sectors, particularly for developing countries and food security, a ”Private Sector Stakeholder Consultation and Dialogue on World Food Security and the Challenges of Climate Change and Bioenergy“, was organized by the FAO Investment [...]

10 Mar 2008

EBRD and FAO call for bold steps to contain soaring food prices

In the context of soaring world food prices, senior government officials from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union are meeting with executives from the private agribusiness sector to seek concrete proposals to boost agricultural investments and unlock unused output potential. More information at :

04 Mar 2008

Using oil export revenues to boost public investment in agriculture

Increased revenues from oil exports could provide an excellent opportunity to boost public investment in agriculture in the Near East, a region faced by food insecurity, land degradation, water scarcity, animal diseases and high food import bills, FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf said today. More information at :

12 Dec 2007

CIS countries share experiences on agricultural investment project implementation

From 6 to 8 December 2007, representatives from all ten countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States convened for a workshop on “Sharing Experiences on Agricultural Investment Project Implementation in the CIS”, held near Moscow. The workshop was organized by the FAO Investment Centre. The aim was to promote [...]

22 Nov 2007

Financing for Agriculture meeting stresses need for increased funding for the sector

On 20 November, as part of the FAO Conference, the Investment Centre organized a “High Level Special Event on the Financing of Agriculture: Issues, Constraints and Perspectives”. Participants included over 200 delegates, of which a number made interventions emphasising the urgent need to secure increased funding from domestic and external [...]

21 Nov 2007

Special events focus on agricultural investment and trade assistance

The Aid for Trade initiative should focus on five priority areas in agriculture if it is to help poor countries benefit from the changing global trade regime in agricultural products, according to an FAO document prepared for today's special high level event held during the Organization’s governing Conference. Today's event follows [...]


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