04 Sep 2009

Workshop focuses on climate change impact on Latin America and the Caribbean region

In May 2009, a workshop on Climate Change and Land Use, and Land Use Change and Forestry, brought together renowned scientists, international financing agencies, government representatives and FAO staff, to review and identify the severity of impact on the Latin America and the Caribbean region. The workshop was jointly [...]

27 Jul 2009

Zero-tillage shows high potential to increase wheat yields in Kazakhstan

Rome – In the northern part of Kazakhstan, zero-tillage (no-till or direct seeding) technology has the potential to increase wheat productivity by 20 to 50 percent above current levels. In general, conversion from conventional tillage to conservation agriculture techniques such as zero-tillage, can take a long time as the technology [...]

20 Jul 2009

IDB and FAO sign new Memorandum of Understanding to expand collaboration on agriculture and rural development

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) signed today a new Memorandum of Understanding that will widen collaboration between the two multilateral assistance agencies. The Agreement will provide a non-exclusive framework for joint cooperation on investment programmes and projects to support [...]

02 Jul 2009

Rural makeover in the Balkans: FAO-World Bank study explores the changing face of rural space in the Balkans

While the Western Balkans are seeing healthy economic growth overall, rural areas are falling behind, according to a new FAO-World Bank report.Agricultural trade deficits are widening, climate change is putting pressure on agricultural resources, and young people are increasingly migrating to urban areas or abroad in search of [...]

22 Jun 2009

Africa’s sleeping giant

A vast stretch of African savannah land that spreads across 25 countries has the potential to turn several African nations into global players in bulk commodity production, according to a study just published by FAO and the World Bank. The book, entitled Awakening Africa’s Sleeping Giant - Prospects for [...]

06 Jun 2009

Call for stronger anti-hunger system

FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf called today for a strengthened global governance system for world food security. Those aspects of the international trade system that have resulted in more hunger and poverty also have to be changed, he said. “We have to build a more coherent and effective system of governance for [...]

25 May 2009

Land acquisitions in Africa pose risks for poor

Land acquisitions are on the increase in Africa and other continents, raising the risk, if not made properly, that poor people will be evicted or lose access to land, water, and other resources, according to the first detailed study of the trend. More information at :

21 May 2009

It’s sunny side up for Kazakh farmers - Better seeds mean higher yields for sunflower sector

Sunflower oil is by far the major vegetable oil consumed in Kazakhstan, but growing demand in recent years has been met largely by imports rather than increased production. Low rainfall results in poor yields - and sunflower's poor reputation among farmers in northwestern Kazakhstan. But the picture may [...]

04 May 2009

FAO-OECD to weigh investments against hunger

Amid growing evidence that the fight against hunger risks being lost, senior experts from FAO and the 30-nation Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) open a two-day, high-level meeting tomorrow to map out long-term investment and financing strategies to avert the menace of unprecedented levels of hunger.  Under-investment in agriculture [...]

27 Mar 2009

Helping migrants to invest in countries of origin

Helping migrants to invest in agricultural development in their home countries is at the heart of a new agreement between FAO and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).FAO Deputy Director-General Jim Butler and IOM Deputy Director-General Ndioro Ndiaye today signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on agricultural projects [...]


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