14 Sep 2005

FAO warns world cannot afford hunger

As world leaders met at the UN Summit in New York, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today called on the international community to honour commitments to cut world hunger in half by 2015. The Rome-based food agency urged governments and private sector corporations to "adequately fund actions and [...]

07 Sep 2005

Ukraine developing new strategy to increase investment in agriculture and rural development

This summer FAO gathered together in Kiev, Ukraine, some 35 experts and representatives from the Government, civil society, rural communities and donors for a one-day workshop. The purpose was to discuss the draft Agricultural and Rural Investment Strategy (ARIS). The workshop turned out to be a very lively and timely [...]

14 Jul 2005

Italian Wholesale Markets, an inspiration for Central and Eastern Europe

A three-day study tour offered representatives from six Central and Eastern European countries the opportunity to visit state-of-the-art Italian wholesale markets and study interactions between wholesale markets and modern food retail systems.The trip, which took place from 6 to 8 June 2005, was organized by FAO in collaboration with [...]

30 Jun 2005

Initiative in Support to NEPAD-CAADP Implementation

Since end 2003, the Investment Centre has been providing assistance to 51 African countries through FAO's Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP) in support of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD). The objective is to help foster agricultural growth and rural development under the priorities of the NEPAD's Comprehensive Africa Agriculture [...]

01 Mar 2005

Maximizing investments in agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe

An integrated approach to agricultural investment emphasizing greater public-private partnership is key to agricultural development in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). More information at :

31 Jan 2005

Strategic investments in water, agriculture and ecosystems needed to reduce hunger and poverty

Investments in agriculture and ecosystems in poor countries are essential to reduce by half the number of hungry people by 2015, FAO Deputy Director-General David Harcharik said today in The Hague. More information at :

18 Jan 2005

UN agencies call for immediate action to achieve

Three Rome-based UN agencies today called for immediate action by developed and developing countries to ensure that the goals of the 2000 Millennium Summit are achieved.More information at :

14 Dec 2004

Greater investment in agriculture essential to achieve Millennium Development Goals

Greater investment in agriculture and rural development is essential to spur economic growth in developing countries and to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, FAO said today on the 40th anniversary of its Investment Centre.More information at :

24 Sep 2004

Lack of investment in agriculture hinders overall economic growth in developing countries

As world leaders meet today at the United Nations to discuss action against hunger and poverty, the Director-General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) called for increased investment in agriculture and rural areas of developing countries to improve economic opportunities and reduce hunger where most of the world's [...]

07 Sep 2004

Sweetening agricultural development in the Western Balkans

Serbian sugar producers will once again benefit from preferential access to the European Union market, following the EU's recent lifting of a 15-month ban on duty-free sugar imports from the country. More information at :


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