26 May 2016

African swine fever: FAO, EBRD and Japan act jointly in Ukraine to protect the rural economy

African Swine Fever (ASF) is a viral disease not harmful to human health, but with serious consequences for rural economies. “In the past few years, Ukraine had to face losses over USD 30 million due to an uncontrolled spread of ASF in the country, and these could increase significantly in the future”, warns [...]

25 May 2016

FAO and EBRD host public-private dialogue on Egypt’s grain sector

Private sector engagement key to ensure efficiency of grain supplies  A high-level conference in Cairo on Wednesday sought to strengthen the role of the private sector in Egypt’s crucial grain sector, with the aim of improving efficiency and reducing waste and damage. The conference was hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization [...]

18 May 2016

Making Niger more resilient to climate risks

Climate change will likely increase the frequency and severity of extreme weather events such as flooding and drought in dry lands of Sub-Saharan Africa and particularly in Niger, resulting in large economic and social losses. Where Government resources are limited, climate change will affect public revenues and disrupt public spending [...]

17 May 2016

EBRD’s Private Sector for Food Initiative

FAO Investment Centre’s partner, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) released a new report this week, the Private Sector for Food Security Initiative Annual Report 2015, as part of its continuing efforts to address the global challenge of ensuring food security by promoting the role of the private [...]

12 May 2016

FAO supports development of new national agricultural policy in United Arab Emirates

Making agriculture more environmentally sustainable, efficient and profitable is the focus of the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) first national agricultural policy. FAO supported the UAE Government in developing the policy, which promotes a better use of the country’s limited natural resources, particularly water. Strong ownership “The UAE had a national agricultural strategy, [...]

11 May 2016

Learning about the dairy value chain through Iran-Tajik cooperation

Today, Tajikistan’s dairy farmers and agribusinesses are reaping the benefits of efforts to make the country’s dairy industry more productive and competitive, including knowledge gained during a 2014 study tour to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The study tour, organized by FAO and carried out under the preparation of Agriculture Commercialization [...]

29 Apr 2016

Investment Days 2015: invest in sharing

Around 110 people attended the seventh edition of Investment Days (IDs 2015), held on 14 and 15 December 2015 at FAO in Rome. The event was a chance for FAO Investment Centre staff from headquarters and the decentralized offices to meet as one team, share knowledge, discuss and learn together. [...]

14 Apr 2016

English version of land administration programmes M&E toolkit now online

A website featuring the online monitoring and evaluation toolkit for land administration programmes (M&E-LAP) is now available in English. Originally launched in Spanish in October 2015, this English version was unveiled during the annual World Bank Land and Poverty Conference in Washington, D.C., in March 2016. The website, developed by FAO [...]

13 Apr 2016

Reducing Egypt’s Grain Import Bill through Private Sector Empowerment

Egypt could reduce its import bill for wheat by attracting private sector investment in critical segments of the strategic value chain that turns cereals grown elsewhere into the country’s main staple food, according to a recently published study by FAO and the EBRD. Egypt has the largest population in the Arab [...]

23 Mar 2016

Developing the Republic of Congo's inland fishery and aquaculture industry

    People in the Republic of Congo eat an estimated 26.5 kg of fish a year, far exceeding the global annual average of nearly 20 kg per person. Such strong demand makes investment in the country's inland fishery and aquaculture sector very attractive. FAO, along with the International Fund for Agricultural Development [...]


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