09 Oct 2015

World Food Day 2015: How cash transfers impact rural households?

Next week the UN celebrates World Food Day which this year focuses on social protection and agriculture in order to break the cycle of poverty. Gearing up to this event, Pamela Pozarny, a rural sociologist in the FAO Investment Centre's Africa Service, spoke of her involvement in FAO's From Protection to [...]

06 Oct 2015

Securing the future of baladi bread

 FAO and the EBRD are working to increase the efficiency of Egypt’s wheat sector   A technical workshop on phytosanitary measures affecting Egypt’s grain imports was organized on 28 September by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Food and FAO’s Investment Centre. On the occasion of this workshop [...]

30 Sep 2015

Southern Nations meet to solve development challenges

The 2015 South-South Knowledge Exchange in Nicaragua will bring nations together to share knowledge and experience. The third international edition of the South-South Knowledge Exchange on Cadastre, Property Registry and Land Tenure will be held in Granada, Nicaragua from September 30 to October 2, 2015.  The event is organized and financed [...]

28 Sep 2015

Scenario setting with the nexus approach

Giovanni Muñoz a land and water development engineer, FAO Investment Centre talks about how developing scenarios around the water-energy-food nexus is a useful approach for strategic thinking and long-term planning.   What has been your experience with the approach? FAO's land and water division first used a scenario approach for a Nile Basin project [...]

21 Sep 2015

Can the nexus approach help sustainable investments?

Lucie Pluschke, Energy-water-food nexus officer, FAO Land and Water Division   Why is the nexus approach important for investment? The way I see it, the nexus approach draws in different groups of people, people who might not normally interact with each other. And these interactions can bring to light possible unintended consequences, [...]

15 Sep 2015

The water-energy-food nexus and agricultural investment

By Ms Rimma Dankova, Senior Adviser, FAO Investment Centre   Population growth, rapid urbanization, changing diets, economic development − these are just some of the factors driving increased demand for water, energy and food. Agriculture is the largest consumer of the world's freshwater resources, while more than a quarter of the energy used [...]

16 Jul 2015

New partnership between FAO and the European Investment Bank

FAO and the European Investment Bank (EIB) are expanding their collaboration with FAO, a move aimed at increasing private sector investment in agriculture. A  five-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)  will foster investment operations in the field of agriculture, private sector development and value chains that promote both EIB's priorities and FAO's [...]

13 Jul 2015

Improving lives and improving the environment

Q&A with Jeff Griffin, Senior Coordinator of the FAO GEF Unit Fresh from attending the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Council meeting in Washington, D.C. with Mr Gustavo Merino, Director, Investment Centre, Jeff Griffin, Senior Coordinator of the FAO GEF Unit, spoke about how GEF is more aligned with FAO's strategic goals [...]

01 Jul 2015

Rural Invest in São Paolo, Brazil: measuring impact of business plans

Are we making a difference? - Is a critical question facing those who invest in and implement rural development projects.  Equally as important is the question from the farmers’ perspective – What difference does this make for me?  FAO’s participatory assessment methodology Rural Invest helps shed light on the answers. In [...]

01 Jul 2015

Agricultural Growth in West Africa: Market and Policy Drivers

West African Agriculture is at a turning point. A new FAO Investment investigates the potential for agricultural growth in West Africa. The study "Agricultural Growth in West Africa: Market and Policy Drivers"was prepared jointly by the African Development Bank (AfDB), with support from the Government of France and the Economic Community [...]

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