30 Jun 2014

Study tour on Quality Labels in France for Serbian meat producers - 1 to 6 June 2014

Raising standards in Serbia's meat sector for a bigger slice of the market Improving the quality and safety of Serbian meat products is a key ingredient for gaining consumer confidence and cracking a wider market.  With this in mind, FAO Investment Centre and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), with [...]

19 Jun 2014

Investing in Food Quality Matters

The world needs to meet growing demand for food as well as meet consumers’ expectations of food quality and safety By Emmanuel Hidier and Gilles Mettetal Agricultural producers all over the world face two massive challenges: to raise production and increase farm yields to meet a growing demand while respecting the environment, [...]

18 Jun 2014

Producing more, safer and better-quality food, June 2014

2014 EastAgri Annual Meeting in Belgrade Leading agricultural producers and experts will gather for the Annual Meeting of the EastAgri network to discuss how to raise both the quality and quantity of food products in Europe and Central Asia. Responding to growing consumer demand for quality products is increasingly important for [...]

23 Apr 2014

Large-scale investments in the agribusiness sector in Tajikistan

The FAO Investment Centre Division (TCI) will be responsible for capacity development and project preparation under a new USD 0.54 million unilateral trust fund (UTF) signed by FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) of the Republic of Tajikistan. The Investment Centre, in collaboration with FAO’s country office, will prepare the [...]

07 Apr 2014

New report analyzes agricultural sector support and taxation in Jamaica

Economic growth in Jamaica is driven by three primary industries, the smallest being agriculture. Agriculture accounts for a declining share of GDP and employment but is still a key factor of rural life in Jamaica. The role of agriculture in the economy is rapidly evolving, with climate change and risky [...]

07 Apr 2014

The meat sector in Ukraine: potential for growth

Meat is one of the fastest growing agricultural commodities in the world: in the last 50 years, production has grown by 300 percent. Meat demand is mainly driven by increasing incomes and changes in consumer preferences; and these effects can be clearly seen in Ukraine, where meat production increased by [...]

28 Mar 2014

Mapping farmers’ organizations in Bangladesh

FAO launched the report Farmers’ Organizations in Bangladesh: A Mapping and Capacity Assessment at an interactive event in Dhaka on 5 March, 2014. The report was produced under the Technical Assistance Component of the Integrated Agricultural Productivity Project (IAPP) implemented by FAO-Bangladesh and financed by the Global Agriculture and Food Security [...]

12 Mar 2014

Stimulating the flow of investment for enhanced water productivity in Jordan

EBRD and FAO Investment Centre bring together public and private sector to identify bottlenecks and opportunities Investments in Jordan’s agriculture sector should target profitable food chains that have made clear efforts to improve their water efficiency and that have the potential to further enhance the productivity of the water they consume, [...]

10 Mar 2014

TCI and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development collaborate on food quality projects in Serbia

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Investment Centre and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) have joined forces to launch two projects aimed at boosting food quality in Serbia. Financed by Luxembourg through the joint FAO/EBRD Cooperation, the projects will promote quality and safety standards [...]

05 Feb 2014

Public-private dialogue on food safety begins in Georgia

Food safety proved a hot topic in Georgia as over 100 professionals attended a roundtable forum in Tbilisi to discuss national food safety legislation and its implementation on 23 January 2014. Representatives of private sector, government, international organizations, farmers and food production companies gathered at an FAO-EBRD event to discuss [...]


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