Supporting African-owned initiatives with CAADP

©FAO/Giulio NapolitanoFAO, including the Investment Centre, is fully engaged in supporting implementation of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP), the strategic agricultural framework of the African Union and the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD). CAADP is an African-owned programme that strives to increase economic growth in Africa through agriculture-led development and agricultural reform. With the objective of increasing public investment in agriculture to a minimum of 10 percent of national budgets, CAADP hopes to achieve an annual agricultural growth rate of six percent by 2015.

CAADP advocates for agricultural investment around four key areas, or Pillars. National and regional roundtables are currently being organized to engage all stakeholders in developing a shared vision for their agriculture sectors, based on CAADP and its Pillars. This roundtable process leads to the articulation of Compacts signed by the governments, donors and key stakeholders in national agricultural development. The roundtables and Compacts help each country better integrate agriculture and rural development into their poverty reduction strategies. It is expected that up to 25 of NEPAD’s 52 member countries will have signed a CAADP Compact by the end of 2009.

©FAO/Eddie GeraldThe Investment Centre underpins FAO’s support of the CAADP framework by participating in the national roundtable process; by sharing knowledge through studies and reports; and by facilitating donor coordination, especially through our role in the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development (GDPRD). A key principle of the CAADP framework is the emphasis on African ownership, which calls for national capacity building. The Investment Centre sees its growing capacity building work as a way to respond to the CAADP challenge.


CAADP’s Four Pillars:

1. Sustainable Land and
   water Management
2. Market Access
3. Food Supply and Hunger
4. Agricultural Research