East Agri

Joining forces for more effective investments in agriculture

EastAgri is a network of public and private institutions investing in agriculture and agribusiness in 30 countries across Central Asia and Central and Eastern Europe. As these countries face the challenges of transitioning to market-driven economies, EastAgri improves collaboration among its members to promote more efficient investment operations in the region’s agriculture sector. Its membership includes International Financial Institutions (IFIs), private banks, ministries of agriculture, donors, universities and other institutions. EastAgri was co-founded in 2002 by the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and FAO. It is managed by FAO’s Investment Centre.

EastAgri promotes knowledge exchange in three ways: annual meetings, ad-hoc meetings on specific themes, and a dedicated website. Through its website, launched in 2005, EastAgri keeps its members informed about each other's agricultural investment portfolio and important agricultural trends in the region. The site provides data on sectors and topics of importance to these countries, such as: agribusiness and marketing, fisheries, forestry, irrigation, land reform and farm privatization, public infrastructure, rural finance and rural microfinance. The website also offers information on more than 800 member projects and 500 leading agribusiness companies in the Western Balkan and Early Transition countries.