Joint Activities

Other Activities

The work of the FAO Investment Centre is diverse.  We are one of 10 agencies through which countries can request Global Environment Facility funds.  We are active in – and have helped to establish – entities that advocate for increased investment to agriculture and rural development and promote greater Official Development Assistance (ODA) effectiveness, including the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development

We are fully engaged in supporting implementation of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP), the strategic agricultural framework of the African Union and the New Partnership for Africa’s Development.

We are participating in international meetings to set priorities and a framework for the Aquila Food Security Initiative – the G8’s commitment of USD 20 billion for sustainable agriculture development over three years.

We have developed RuralInvest, a multilingual toolkit that comprises training courses, manuals and custom developed software to prepare successful rural development projects.

We promote climate-smart agriculture.

The Investment Centre is also working to identify a policy framework for facilitating the acceleration of investment in and for agriculture by the public and private sector to achieve sustainable food production with an extra budgetary contribution from Japan. 

The Investment Centre also hosts platforms such as EastAgri and LAC AGROnoticias to improve the exchange of agricultural and rural development investment-related information within a region.

For more examples of other activities such as Ex-Act, Sustainable Land Management and TerrAfrica, click here.

<//b><//span><//b>The Investment Centre helped to found ALive – Africa Livestock Development, Poverty Alleviation, and Sustainable Growth in Africa –  and is an active member.