agronoticias – A key point of access to information on the agricultural sector in Latin America and the Caribbean


The Latin America and the Caribbean agronoticias project aims to track the on-going development of the agricultural sector in each of the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) countries. In an initial phase of the project, the FAO Investment Centre Division, with the World Bank’s support, created monthly newsletters, in which relevant information and news on agriculture throughout the region was selected and summarized. After this successful phase, agronoticias is now available through a central and easy-to-use website hosted by the Investment Centre. This website is in Spanish and intends to facilitate access to regular updates on the development of agriculture in LAC countries by professionals from national and international organizations working on the formulation, implementation and evaluation of agricultural projects, programmes and policies.

The website is divided in sections including each of the LAC subregions and individual countries. The news is organized within the following subjects:

• agriculture
• agricultural policies and economics
• commerce and markets
• emergencies and reconstruction
• investment for development
• natural resources and climate change
• rural development and food security 
agronoticias also contains an editorial section, a highlights section and regularly updated information on events, summits, seminars and publications of interest.
We invite you to keep up-to-date with agricultural news  in LAC by regularly visiting this site at: You can follow agronoticias through the social media in Twitter (@agronoticiasFAO) and, if you prefer so, you can subscribe to the RSS Feed of agronoticias to receive the latest updates.