E-learning course

RuralInvest: preparing effective investment project proposals

This e-learning course is the first step in the training of field technicians, who wish to acquire the knowledge to work with communities, groups or individuals wishing to prepare effective investment proposals.


It explores key concepts present in the RuralInvest toolkit, such as the definition of what is an investment; why a participatory approach is important; the critical importance of sustainability and; the need to understand the priorities and capabilities of the beneficiaries. It also provides guidance to field technicians on how to prepare effective investment profiles, including identifying and categorizing the costs are associated with an investment; how to assess the demand for the service or product that will result from the investment; and how to deal with investments that build on pre-existing activities.


The information in this e-learning course partially reflects modules 1 and 2 of the RuralInvest Toolkit (which comprises four modules) and forms the first part of the training package for its application. Further face-to-face training courses are normally held at adopting agencies (e.g. projects, Ministries, NGOs and rural lending organizations) before access to the RuralInvest software that supports the application of the toolkit is granted.


  • Why is RuralInvest different?
    RuralInvest is more than just software. It is an approach on how to create successful Rural Development projects.

    Is there a cost for RuralInvest?
    RuralInvest is provided by FAO free of charge, though some costs are associated with the training.

    Is RuralInvest for us?
    RuralInvest is applicable for any agency, project, organization or private investor managing funds for small and medium scale agricultural and rural investments (both income generating and social activities).

    Currently, RuralInvest capacity is only supported for use by agencies, organizations or projects, not for individual users.

    Can I download the software?
    No. The correct use of Rural Invest software requires a training course.

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Who to contact?
Directly contact us by email at FAO.