Directions in Investment

Directions in Investment

These Directions in Investment discuss and analyze issues and opportunities related to investment in agriculture and rural development. Topics covered include agricultural and rural policy, new financing instruments, sustainable rural development, rural finance, and global food security, among many others. This series focuses on themes that have a regional or global relevance rather than country-specific subjects found under Country highlights.

International grain reserves and other instruments to address volatility in grain markets

Date of publication: 1 September 2009

In view of the controversies surrounding the topic of grain stocks and other instruments to reduce price volatility in food commodity markets, and at the request of the Organizing Committee of the World Grain Forum 2009, the three sponsoring committees, The World Bank (WB), the Food and Agriculture Organization of...


Evolution and Impact of EU regional and rural policy

Date of publication: 10 September 2008

This working paper discusses the development of rural and regional policies in the European Union, particularly regarding how they have integrated evolving concepts related to economic theories of growth and endogenous development. Although the EU is based mainly on market integration and the harmonization of standards and regulations, its Member...

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