The publications in this category include a broad variety of different topics related to agricultural, rural and agribusiness development projects that are not covered specifically by the other publications series produced by the Investment Centre.

Croissance agricole en Afrique de l'Ouest: Facteurs déterminants de marché et de politique

Date of publication: 1 July 2015

L’Agriculture ouest-africaine est à un tournant décisif. Les effets conjugués d’une forte hausse de la demande, d’une croissance économique soutenue, des prix agricoles mondiaux plus élevés et d’un environnement politique amélioré ont engendré des conditions les plus propices...


TCI Investment Centre: An Overview (1964-2014)

Date of publication: 10 December 2014

Fifty years old, the FAO-Investment Centre has adapted, expanded, diversified and – to the great credit of the people dedicated to its service – it has thrived. For this anniversary,...


Lao People's Democratic Republic: Rice policy study

Date of publication: 28 January 2013

Rice is a key staple in the Lao PDR, as in most of the region, and as such is an important element of food security. The rice sector in the country has seen impressive development over the last ten years, however the sector has reached a crossroads where further progress...


The Grain Chain Food Security and Managing Wheat Imports in Arab Countries

Date of publication: 1 August 2012

Arab countries face a number of food security risks due to their high dependence on wheat imports. This study
explores ways in which countries can mitigate these risks. The authors evaluate the wheatimport supply chain (WISC) from the unloading port to bulk storage at the flour mill, before the wheat is milled into flour. This study is...