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Use of monitoring and evaluation in agriculture and rural development projects

This Paper provides a critical review of the use of M&E in agricultural and rural development (ARD) projects. It assesses how M&E systems have been designed and implemented in 74 World Bank-assisted ARD projects over the last 15 years in the South and East Asia regions. This is based primarily on findings from a review of the Implementation Completion Reports and the more recent Implementation Completion and Results Reports (ICRs/ICRRs) prepared with the assistance of the FAO Investment Centre during the last 15 years. 

Effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E), vital for tracking and measuring results and throwing light on the impact of development interventions, remain challenging. The paper is intended to draw attention to the problems related to the implementation of M&E systems, and to draw lessons and learning from the Investment Centre’s substantial pool of experience in providing assistance to the preparation of ICRs/ICRRs.