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Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan: Expanding finance in rural areas

This publication is part of report series published under the FAO Investment Centre/European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Cooperation Programme. The series presents sector reviews and studies undertaken in Central and Eastern Europe on development issues and innovative areas to increase investment in agriculture in the region. Two country studies are presented on Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan which were the outcome of consultations with public and private stakeholders, in particular with ministries, central banks, bank and non-bank financial institutions, international financial institutions, multilateral and bilateral donor agencies, non-governmental institutions, farmer associations, private sector associations, farmers and clients of financial institutions. The first feasibility study reviews different options to assess the potential of agriculture in Kyrgyzstan and enhance the outreach of the Kyrgyz Micro and Small Enterprise Finance Facility. The second feasibility study covers various options for enhancing the supply of loans to farmers and other micro, small and medium enterprises in rural areas of Tajikistan. The report provides useful reference information on expanding finance in rural areas for agribusiness development.